Let’s get quiet and dive deeper into how to create viral Instagram content followers on Instagram that works. Viral Instagram content is content that people share with their friends and like, comment on, and save to their albums. Viral content on Instagram gets more engagement than usual posts. It’s easy to know if an Instagram post is viral when it receives 100,000+ likes, views, and thousands of comments. However, the account only has a few hundred or a few thousand followers.

It’s not easy to go viral. It would be best if you had many things working in your favor. This is a rare occurrence.

You can eliminate some of the guesswork. The critical piece is quality content people love to share. This article will discuss three methods to make viral Instagram content.

Let’s get started


This idea is straightforward.

You first need to search for posts that have gone viral and were successful in the past. ViralFindr, or another similar tool, allows you to search for content using hashtags and usernames. You can also get good ideas from Instagram analytics tools about trending content.

You can also look at your explore feed to see what’s hot. You will likely notice a pattern in which content is getting more engagement.

Consider if you can reproduce the video or photo after going through the content.

This is how to make a viral post.

If you are a travel blogger, hang out with flamingos and catch sharks. Please don’t. These posts do well. You’re close to virality if you film it.

Remember that viral posts are, by nature, viral. A photo of a cute cat and a well-designed breakfast table can get more likes than others, but they will not necessarily go viral.

Pro tip: Instagram videos tend to go viral more often than images.


You don’t have to use Instagram to find the most trendy content. It would be best to look at what other people share and which gets more engagement on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Imgur, and Snapchat.

If you see something trending on Instagram, search for it Instagram. If it doesn’t, then you can use the same content. Always give credit to the author of the content. If possible, ask for their written permission.You might be asking, “Why can’t you copy paste content I find on Instagram?”It’s a great question. Instagram can tell when you are reposting content that isn’t your original content. It’s much harder to go viral on Instagram using the same content trending a few weeks ago than if your original content is being posted.

I found this clip in Imgur’s trending section. Interesting post idea if you’re in the travel/nature/animal niche.


Instagram is a great place to create your content and be unique.

It can be challenging to come up with original content for Instagram. This is even more difficult when you want to create original viral content.

Here’s where you should take a piece of paper and spend some time brainstorming. Consider what makes your brand or you unique. It could be your unique accent. It could be that you are 30 and still live with your mom. (I don’t judge). The Oder, is it something else entirely?

People try to hide their weaknesses and flaws, but when they are accepted, they can become your strengths.

Your weaknesses don’t always have to be your weakness. Look at what is unique or different about yourself, your life, and your brand.

These days, we don’t see many original Instagram users. Dominique @allthatisshe does a great job with her content. Her content is not unique and fresh, but it also has a piece of the viral pie.

To create your content, ensure you have a great camera and lighting. Write a script before you start shooting the video. Practice it several times. Hire someone if you aren’t a pro at editing or filming. Instagram users are more likely to share high-quality content and make it viral.

It’s not my goal to go viral on Instagram with every single post. If you are having trouble getting considerable exposure, it may be worth looking around to see what you can do to make your post viral.

As I mentioned, viral content is only one puzzle part. A good content distribution strategy is also necessary, which is another topic.

After being named the ‘Australasian Startup Founder of The Year’ in recognition of her efforts to help businesses grow via Instagram, she splits her time between Silicon Valley and Sydney and continues to build her software company and assist others.

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