Is your dog looking a bit shabby? 

Perhaps it is time to meet a professional dog groomer to have its fur shaved, nails clipped, and those long locks around the face trimmed. Sounds like a splendid idea, but will your furry baby cooperate?

First-timers find it extra stressful because they aren’t used to being handled by unfamiliar hands, even if they are experts at canine grooming. This is why you should consider making the trip to the groomer as stress-free as possible.

You never know what a panicky pet can get itself and others into. But this shouldn’t be a reason to postpone that much-needed visit because regular grooming helps identify potential skin conditions, parasitic attacks, sores, and many other issues early.

At the same time, consider being prepared with pet insurance in NZ, so your furry friend has a medical backup to lean on during dire health scenarios and medical emergencies. Puppy insurance helps provide your little pupper with quality medical care and can significantly reduce your economic burden in testing times of health.

Contemplate buying a policy; in the meantime, read this article to learn some tips on getting your furry baby geared up for that first groomer’s visit.

1. Introduce grooming into your dog’s routine

Let your dog know what grooming involves ahead of time. You can do this by brushing its fur daily, clipping nails as they grow, trimming excess hair between the toes, cleaning its ears, and applying gels or creams on paw pads to begin with. You can also try giving your fur kid a massage from head to tail and a puppy pedicure at home. Shower it with treats towards the end for peacefully cooperating through the procedure. With this exposure, your puppy will not find the groomer’s handling of it shocking during the first visit.

2.Learn about the groomer’s expertise

Do you know this groomer too well? Was the person recommended by your family or friends? Visiting the place and checking out the services in person is advisable before taking your dog for a grooming session. 

Also, let the groomer know about your furry baby’s needs and what to expect. Don’t be shy to seek information, request references, and read client testimonials online to get a brief idea about other puppy parents’ experiences.

3.Stay calm when it’s time for grooming

Suppose you stay with your pet during a session; it’s well and good. However, if you consider dropping off your pet and returning after the job’s been done, then don’t make your leaving too hard for your pet. You can give it a quick pat on the back or head, say, “See you soon,” and leave the place quietly. Remember to shower it with ample treats and praises after you return so your canine associates the grooming trip with a positive experience.

Don’t act hesitant because your pupper can quickly pick up the vibes and unleash a dog frenzy at the groomers. In a case like that, there are high chances of your pet and people around dealing with accidental injuries, falls, and other mishaps. Consider being prepared with pet insurance NZ just in case something goes wrong. Puppy insurance helps tackle unexpected health situations effectively with little financial impact, so contemplate purchasing a policy if you haven’t bought one already.

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