You know how after applying moisturizer your skin feels thick and greasy because it’s tight and uncomfortable? Or perhaps you use a light moisturizer to prevent that unpleasant sensation, but your skin never feels completely moisturized? Us, too. We’re not alone either! According to an Olay survey, keeping skin moisturized is the top concern for women when it comes to skincare, but 25% of us report having trouble finding a product that does both. We’re thrilled to have learned about Olay’s most recent product, the Olay Regenerist Hyaluronic + Peptide24 line.

The five products are designed to be lightweight on your skin and to provide 24-hour hydration. Hyaluronic acid, an effective barrier against dry skin, amino peptides, and vitamin B3 (also known as niacinamide) are all used in the formulation of these products, which sink deep into the skin’s surface and leaving it appearing dewy, radiant, and supple. Hydrated skin is healthy, happy skin.

The collection really contains the greatest concentrations of hyaluronic acid of any Olay Regenerist cream and serum products, making it a veritable powerhouse of hydration. In business testing, it was even discovered to hydrate skin better than expensive moisturizers that cost hundreds of dollars! For those who want fragrance-free products, the line is ideal because it is also dye-free, fragrance-free, and created without parabens, mineral oil, or phthalates.

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About Olay

In order to answer the real nature vs. nurture debate regarding Olay skin’s aging process, Olay has partnered with 23andMe, a biotech organization that investigates DNA genetics.

Olay experts create effective products by using a thorough understanding of skin aging, top-notch ingredients and formulations, and performance testing that has been proven to work.

Olay uses special “lab skins” that it invented that have the same physical characteristics as real skin but were entirely made in a lab environment using non-animal components to test its products on them. To make sure their products are safe to use and function as intended, Olay tests them on lab skin. In order to ensure that their products deliver the true, transformative skincare benefits that women expect when using Olay, they also conduct extensive product research with thousands of women across the world.

P&G, the parent company of Olay, has invested $420 million in the creation of cruelty-free substitutes. In order for other skin care companies and the industry at large to stop using animal testing and transition to cruelty-free skin care, P&G has also joined industry alliances to share research and testing methodology.

Olay doesn’t use animals in our product testing. Olay is collaborating closely with governments all around the world to offer alternatives to animal testing in research, enabling the beauty sector to offer skin care without using any animal products. For instance, animal testing is still required in a few nations where Olay is sold. In some circumstances, Olay may be forced by law to send their products to laboratories where they are aware that animal testing is taking place. This is why Olay refrain from making any claims.

Olay’s New Hyaluronic Acid Line

Hyaluronic + Petide24 Hydrating Gel Moisturizer

You are aware that the recommended moisturizer for the summer and the winter differs? Well, disregard all of your prior knowledge because this moisturizer is ideal all year round. As a result, you never get that heavy, thick feeling. Despite this, it penetrates 10 layers below the skin’s surface and provides 24-hour hydration.

Hyaluronic + Peptide24 Hydrating Eye Gel

For quick and long-lasting benefits, use this eye gel after washing your face and before applying your moisturizer. Within a few short weeks of application, you’ll see smoother, plumper skin since the immediate cooling sensation helps awaken your eyes and refill your skin with moisture. Additionally, it rapidly and easily absorbs, making it the ideal daytime eye cream for use under makeup.

Hyaluronic + Peptide24 Hydrating Moisturizer With Sunscreen

When it comes to your skincare regimen, daily sun protection is a must, so if you don’t already have one in place, this is the best choice. It absorbs quickly, applies smoothly, and lacks the terrible sticky “sunscreen feeling” that deters so many people from applying SPF every day. All skin types will benefit from the SPF 30 UVA/UVB sun protection and long-lasting moisture of this sunscreen.

Hyaluronic + Peptide24 Refreshing Facial Cleanser

In order to expose healthy-looking skin that is ready for hydrating Hyaluronic 24 products, this cleanser works hard to eliminate debris, oil, and makeup. The frothy lather of the $7 recipe provides you with a wonderful deep-clean feeling.

Hyaluronic + Peptide24 Hydrating Serum

Because they are the ideal lightweight layering partner to combine with practically anything else you are applying on your skin, serums are your best buddy. This highly hydrating serum, which contains hyaluronic acid, amino peptides, and niacinamide, will leave your skin feeling incredibly moisturized and glossy.

Olay supports a broad and inclusive concept of beauty that allows each individual the ability to define what they consider to be beautiful based on their own choices rather than societal norms or biases.

Olay holds high regard for science. They have been putting science first in skin care for over 65 years, and they are committed to offering you high-quality products with secure ingredients that actually work.

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