Facebook videos can be used to market your message. (followers on facebook)  People want more videos. Is problem? It can be daunting for those who haven’t tried video marketing before. This post will give you ideas for what videos to use in your ads. Next, we’ll go through how to create campaigns and get the most from the people who have seen your video ads.

Video marketing strategies on Facebook for your business

First, ensure that your videos are appropriate for your ad campaigns. Most people think that I am saying, “Your video is very high-quality, very expensive, and doesn’t have any flaws.”

Also, I am not referring specifically to video specifications which can be found here.

While there are many best practices in video production, budget spending is not one. These are not in any particular order. Here are some tips to help you choose the right video content for Facebook marketing.

1. Select the right video content

First, you need to understand that not all videos must be the same type. Facebook allows you to use a variety of videos and get positive results. These are just a handful.

Content created by users

You don’t have to do all the work when satisfied customers can create your videos.

Example of Facebook video marketing using UGC

User-generated videos are my favourite type of video. They have tons of benefits and almost no drawbacks.

  • Because they are actual customers, the videos look more authentic.
  • Customers are eager to share brands they love, so long as you keep your customers happy, it can be simple to get these with a simple request.
  • Because they see real users, they provide social proof to potential customers.
  • Customers often share videos on their Facebook pages because they are so happy to be in them. Marketing for free!

This post will give you an idea of the many incredible ways UGC content can be used in Facebook ads.

Showcase of products

Although this is an easy task, video can be a powerful way to showcase the product you are selling. It doesn’t need to be an infomercial, though it could be if that suits your audience. Your audience should feel confident in purchasing from you. It’s the only reason I don’t buy anything I like online. I can’t hold it, see it, or tell if it is quality.

Behind the scenes

It’s something we all enjoy and a peek behind the scenes. What is it that you see behind-the-scenes content for movies? We love to learn about the process behind making something we love. The same goes for products and services. Video allows you to see how you do your job behind the scenes.


While tutorials may not be the best fit for everyone at the top of the funnel, they can still be essential for some companies. A tutorial is an excellent resource if you have an innovative product or service and not many people have heard about it.

Demonstrate how your solution works. What are you doing to improve our lives? Sometimes, showing is better than explaining, and video is the best tool to show it. These tips will help you create high-quality videos from your home.

2. Mobile devices will require that your video be appropriately formatted.

We live in a multi-device age. You’re likely to have at least two devices connected to your computer today.

These are two key stats that you should know:

  • Mobile devices account for 65% of Facebook video views.
  • Smartphone users hold their phones in a vertical orientation (portrait) 94% of the time.

We can see that 61% of videos on Facebook are in portrait mode and that mobile usage is increasing.

It is hard to argue that the image on the right is better than the one on the left.

I recommend creating videos in portrait and landscape if you can. Then use the flexibility to personalize your ads by placing them and using the orientations accordingly.

Make the most of this space and offer your customers full-screen experiences on any device.

3. The opening should grab the attention of your viewers

All of us are trying to catch our customers’ attention. (buy followers on facebook)  Facebook allows endless scrolling, but they also have many other options. First, stop scrolling. Literally.

Your video’s opening 4-6 seconds are critical. Your opening, or the hook of your tape, must grab attention and be interesting enough to make people stop and look.

There are many ways to accomplish this, but here are some thoughts:

  • Ask an important question
  • Common problems can be addressed
  • Do something new
  • Use humour

You don’t need to do something new, but it should be interesting enough to grab attention and break through the noise of the Facebook News Feed.

4. Include a call to action

This is marketing, after all. We all know that every ad unit should include a call-to-action, regardless of its format.

Facebook video ads should include the call-to-action text in the text area surrounding the video, as shown above. However, you can also have it in the video.

This can be done by either having someone speak it loudly in the video or using text on a screen. Or a combination of both. Be creative. Find out what works best for you, but don’t forget to include it.

5. Use captions whenever possible

Another surprising statistic is that only 15% of Facebook users use sound to watch videos. Most people view videos without sound, so captions are necessary to help them understand the content.

Your video should have a catchy opening. Please ensure the space is appealing and has text so the viewer can understand it.

6. Video length

Our attention spans are decreasing, as we all know. This doesn’t mean your videos should be less than a minute long. However, they must be brief.

Facebook allows videos to run anywhere from one second to 240 minutes. That’s quite a range. I suggest you make your video as long and concise as possible to convey your message.

Videos between 15-60 seconds are best. However, as long as the message is clear and concise and you speak to the right audience, it can be powerful.

7. Make videos for each stage of the funnel

You’re probably familiar with the “funnel” if you’ve read any marketing blogs recently. It is the process a buyer takes from the moment they first see your brand to the point when they make a purchase.

Image of the primary marketing funnel

As they move through each stage, potential customers will need different messaging.

High-level videos at the top of your funnel are the best way to introduce yourself to your target customers.

You will need more videos as you move down the funnel. What makes you stand out from the rest? Why should they choose to work with you?

You need to use the most precise messaging and a clear call to action to get your prospects to the top of the funnel and make them customers.

You can make video creative for each stage to communicate the same message to your audience as you would with single images or carousel visuals. Remember that everyone is at a different process set and will require additional content. This post provides more information on which content is best for each stage.

8. Select the right goal for your Facebook video marketing campaign

Facebook offers many campaign objectives when you create campaigns.

Objectives for Facebook video marketing campaigns

Your first instinct for video marketing might be to choose the video views campaign objective. But that’s only one option we have for video. This campaign type may not be the best for what you are looking to achieve with your campaigns.

Here’s a table that will help you make your decision. It includes the campaign objectives for video support and what these campaigns will focus on.

Each of these objectives can be used with video ads. However, they all optimize for different outcomes, so picking the one that suits your goals is essential.

Facebook allows you to create audiences based on video engagement. This means you can retarget people who have watched specific parts of your videos.

You can create a new audience for video engagement in the Facebook Audience Manager by selecting “Video” as your audience type.

Then, you can choose the video length the user views.

Option to choose videos for Facebook video marketing

Finally, click the “Choose videos” link to select the creatives you wish to build your audiences.

Facebook video marketing video selection screen

… and select videos from the drop-down. Although there is no set length for retargeting, I feel this point is crucial.

9. Segment your audience using the “aha” moment

This phrase could be used in other cultures, but I use it for Facebook video ads. It is based on how much information a user has about you.

The “aha” moment in a video is when the user clearly understands who you are and what you do. They should know your brand name and logo and be able to identify the product or service that you offer.

It is a good idea to segment your retargeting lists into several buckets.

  • The people who were there before the “aha!” moment
  • For those who are looking for the “aha” moment

These two segments will allow you to create retargeting campaigns that engage users properly and provide a nurturing touch. You should continue to show ads explaining your company and how they can help the user if they haven’t yet experienced the “aha” moment. You can move to a more complex or lower-level message for those who have had the “aha” moment.

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