It’s always fun to learn how to draw. After all, it’s a great way to spend your spare time or unwind after a long day. Most people think that drawing is only for kids and not something that adults should be doing. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Even famous artists like Picasso spent their free time drawing and sketching out new ideas. For many people, learning how to draw can seem like a daunting task. Thankfully, online avatar makers, such as Picrew, exist that allow users to customize drawings using Picrew Makers. It has presets you can customize anytime, but how can you start customizing with Picrew? Keep reading as we give you a detailed step-by-step guide on avatar customization using Picrew!


What Is Picrew?

Picrew is an easy-to-use avatar maker that allows users to create avatars from scratch or choose from thousands of customizable Picrew Makers. Users can also mix & match presets to create the Picrew image. Whether you’re looking to create a funny avatar to send to your friends or a cool avatar to put as your profile picture, Picrew can help you customize the perfect Picrew image.

Picrew is a web-based online avatar maker accessible on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. The site works on any device connected to an internet connection and browsers. Picrew has many uses. You can use it to create custom avatars for social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can also create custom images for blogs and websites. Read further as we give you the steps on how to draw Picrew!


Step 1: Open Picrew Using Your Browser

Picrew is a web-based platform that makes it accessible on various browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and more. Connect your device to a reliable internet service before searching for Picrew. The first step to creating an avatar is to visit the Picrew website. You can do this by clicking on the link in this article. You can also search for on your browser’s search bar and click on the first result. Connecting to a reliable internet service will allow you to create and personalize conveniently without interruptions. Double check the URL before proceeding to the site, as you might enter an incorrect URL that can take you to an unsafe website or error 404.


Step 2: Select The Language Of The Site

The next step is to select the language of the site. You want to make sure that the language of the website is English. This way, you can easily understand the directions. You don’t have to worry about mixing them up with another language. It will allow you to use the language of your choice while creating an avatar. It can be helpful if you are not comfortable with the default Japanese language of Picrew. There are only two languages available on Picrew: English and Japanese. If you can understand Japanese, then no need to change the language.


Step 3: Choose A Picrew Maker

The next step is to choose a Picrew Maker. There are a wide variety of different Picrew Makers accessible on Picrew. Picrew has four categories: manufacturing, commercial, personal, and non-commercial. Make sure you have a style in mind. You should also know the purpose of your Picrew Avatar before selecting a Picrew Maker. There are thousands of Picrew Makers on Picrew for various things such as humans, animals, and more. To draw your Picrew, find a Picrew Maker that will allow you to draw on the site. You can find it using the search bar or by browsing the list of Picrew Makers. Make sure that it contains all the necessary tools you need for drawing. Click the Picrew Maker of your choice before proceeding to the next step.


Step 4: Customize Picrew Avatar Using Presets

The next step is to customize your avatar using the presets. The presets are a wide range of customization settings that allow you to customize your avatar. You can find it below the Picrew avatar. The options differ from Picrew Maker to Picrew Maker. It is necessary to select a Picrew Maker packed with the customization options you need for creating a custom Picrew avatar. You can change the background of your avatar, add text on a bubble with your avatar, or add special effects. A customizable part of an avatar is its wardrobe and physical features. You can also add some accessories to your Picrew if available. Customize all the elements necessary for your avatar with Picrew for free.


Step 5: Download Your Picrew Image

The next step is to download your avatar image. Once you have created the perfect avatar, you can click the “Complete” button to download it to your computer. You can then use this image wherever you want to. You can use it on your social media accounts as your profile picture, on various websites, or for your blog. Picrew downloads the Picrew Image to a PNG format. PNG, also known as Portable Network Graphics, is a file format with a small file size and high-quality image. Once you have downloaded the image, you can use it anytime, anywhere. The process is simple and easy. Picrew is suitable for individuals of any age, so what are you waiting for? Create your Avatars using Picrew!


Final Words

Creating an avatar with Picrew is a fun way to spend your free time. Now that you know how to customize your avatar using Picrew, it’s time to create your personalized avatar. It’s a great way to show off your unique personality. You can replace your online profile picture with your personalized avatar easily using Picrew. You can customize your avatar using Picrew Makers on the website or create your avatar from scratch. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to have fun while doing it. After all, it’s all about finding your inner creativity. Picrew is not just for kids but also for teens and adults who love creating. Visit Picrew and create your avatar for free!

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