Posting something on social media is a hard thing for the ones who have just started to use social media handles. But for the ones who have been doing it for years is a piece of cake. This does not mean that there are no simple ways to post your two-line status on social media. There are always easier steps to follow when it comes to social media.

Adding on there are also multiple websites that can teach you how to put a 2 Line Status on your social media handles. But here you will get the easiest ways and tips to put your status easily. So without wasting time let us get started. Get On board to learn about several tips and tricks for putting two-line status easily.

Get The Idea 

Get the idea of what you are going to post. This is the very first step and you should do it right. Select what you will be posting because it is going to portray your image and your views in front of the public. You cannot be a complete extrovert in front of society. You need to be someone who gets a bit diplomatic about things.

This is the only way society accepts you. Complete boldness or completely hiding your facts is unacceptable. So get the right choice of ideas that one will be posting about. It will be good enough if it is not controversial.

Complementing Post 

Your post should be created in such a manner that it looks beautiful enough to attract readers. This means that if you are putting a two-line status today on your social media the font and size of your write-up should be perfect. The background of your post should be of your choice but the right up and the images that you are going to add to your background should have subtle and complementing colours.

You cannot have a black background and then write up with purple. It looks bad and the credibility gets poor. So to save yourself from this issue you can always choose a colour palette. If you select the darkest colour or the lightest colour from it as your back down and then different Shades can be used to write your caption and put your image.

A Sequence To Follow 

As told earlier you must follow a sequence. If you are going to post something about Nature today in the morning and if you post something that is not in favour of nature in the evening or the next morning your readers are not going to trust your views. This is because you are yourself depleting that trust.

Write Your Caption 

After your post is ready with images and the perfect shades of colour now you are ready for writing your caption. Your caption should be clear with attractive words in it. The first line of your caption should be amazing so that it keeps The Reader busy reading your caption.

Tag People 

You should tag people who were with you. Tagging people with whom you have spent your day and you have posted about it must get credit. Once you tag them they are going to visit your post again and again and are going to refer to other people to see the status because they were a part of the post. This will drive traffic to your two-line status.

Add Hashtags To Your Status

Try and add appropriate hashtags to your post. This will increase the credibility and visibility of the two-lines status.

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