The Aadhaar card contains the cardholder’s name, gender, date of birth, address, and other biometric information. If the cardholder discovers any errors in his information, he can have it corrected by visiting the Aadhaar card centre in Vadodara. Document proofs are required to be submitted in order for the details to be updated. The executive must be paid a nominal fee of $25 + GST. It is worth noting that Vadodara does not have any private Aadhaar card centres. These centres are typically housed in a bank or a post office. The following is a list of all Aadhaar card enrollment centres in Vadodara:

Here is the list of All Aadhaar Card Centers in Baroda, Vadodara of Gujarat:

HDFC Bank Limitedhdfc0001241, ground floor productivity house productivity road alkapuri, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390007 
HDFC Bank LimitedHDFC0001241, ground floor productivity house productivity road alkapuri, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390007 
Bank of India_New_649BKID0002518, BANK OF INDIA GOTRI ROAD BRANCH, NEAR ESIC HOSPITAL, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390021 
Bank of Baroda_New_648BARB0PADRAX, yash complex tower road bank of baroda padra, Vadodara, Padra, Gujarat: – 391440 
Bank of Baroda_New_648BARB0 KARJAN, Bank Of Baroda Navabazar Station Road Karjan, Vadodara, Karjan, Karjan, Gujarat: – 391240 
Indiapost39000601, pitambar pole, FATEPURA, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390006
Indiapost39001000, above v m c office near fire brigade M I estate, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390010 
YES Bank LimitedYES 0001076, Vasna Road Vadodara, Vadodara, Padra, Bhayli, Gujarat: – 391410 
Indiapost39111501, SINOR SO, Vadodara, Sinor, Gujarat: – 391115
Indiapost39134001, nandesari i estate po, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 391340
Indiapostakota post office, 39002001, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390020
Indiapost39000102, khanderao market road, near vmc office behind police chowki, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390001
Indiapost39000702, GEB POST OFFICE, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390007
Indiapost39000102, near khanderao market char rasta ,vmc, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390001
Indiapost39000102, Rajmahal Road, khanderao market char Rasta, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390001 
Indiapost39111001, DABHOI R.S POST OFFICE DABHOI 391110 WEG14765, Vadodara, Dabhoi, Gujarat: – 391110
Indiapost39174001, Chhani Post Office, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 391740
Indiapost39151001, Jarod post office, Vadodara, Vaghodia, Jarod, Gujarat: – 391510
Indiapost39001101, HIMJA COMPLEX JAIN DERASAR ROAD MANJALPUR Vadodara, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390011
Indiapost39143001, MOBHA ROAD PO, Vadodara, Padra, Mobha, Gujarat: – 391430
Indiapost39000301, CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES POSTOFFICE, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390003
Indiapost39002101, T B SANATORIUM POST OFFICE, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390021
Indiapost39002301, subhanpura, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390023


39000701, ALKAPURI POSTOFFICE, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390007
Indiapost39134501, petrochemical township post office, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 391345
Indiapost39001601, industrial estate po, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390016
Indiapost39175001, FERTILIZERNAGAR POST OFFICE, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 391750 
IndiapostBhaily, near ramji mandir, Vadodara, Vadodara, Bhayli, Gujarat: – 391410 
Indiapost39144001, padra post office, Vadodara, Padra, Padra, Gujarat: – 391440
Indiapost39002001, akota post office, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390020 
Indiapost39121001, KANDARI POST OFFICE, Vadodara, Karjan, Kandari, Gujarat: – 391210 
Indiapost39002502, waghodia road po nr kala darshan char rasta, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390025
Bank of Baroda_New_648 BARB0NIZAMP, 23 a sahyog complex nizampura, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390002
Indiapost39000301, chemical ind post office, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390003
Bank of Baroda_New_648 alkapuri, alkapuri, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390007
Indiapost39001401, Amin khadki, makarpura village, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390014
Indiapost39000402, opp. Apsara skyline, pratapnagar, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390004
STATE BANK OF INDIA_New_654SBIN0009927, 403 GIDC state bank of india,Waghodia, Vadodara, Vaghodia, Gujarat: – 391760
Indiapost39002501, VRAJ VENU COMPLEX SOMATALAV, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390025
Bank of Baroda_New_648 BARB0KHOBAR, khodiyar nagar nr sardar estate ajwa road Vadodara, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390019
Indiapost39002401, chhani road post office, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390024
Indiapost39177001, SAVLI POST OFFICE, Vadodara, Savli, Savli, Gujarat: – 391770
Indiapost39001801, opp mental hospital karelibaug, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390018
Indiapost39001901, 22 Green park soc ajwa road, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390019
Indiapost39000701, ALKAPURI POST OFFICE, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390007
Indiapost39001601, INDUSTRIAL ESTATE PO, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390016
Indiapost39002, fatehganj post office, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390002
Indiapost39002502, waghodia road kala darshan, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390025
Indiapost14819, RANU POST OFFICE, Vadodara, Padra, Ranun, Gujarat: – 391445
Indiapost39001001, MI ESTATE PO, GIDC ROAD, MAKARPURA, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390010 
Indiapost39002201, P & T COLONY NEAR AMITNAGAR Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390022 
Indiapost39000902, Sharadnagar, Tarsali, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390009
Indiapost39000901, ONGC Colony PO, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390009
Indiapostpratapganj, pratapganj po, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390002
Indiapost39177401, DESAR POST OFFICE, Vadodara, Savli, Desar, Gujarat: – 391774
Indiapost14800, EME POST OFFICE, Vadodara, Vadodara, Vemali, Gujarat: – 390008
Indiapost39002301, SUBHANPURA, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390023
Indiapost39122001, kayavarohan post office, Vadodara, Dabhoi, Kayavarohan, Gujarat: – 391220 
Bank of Baroda_New_648Barbkothix, opp aradhana cinema, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390001
Indiapost39152001, SAMLAYA RS SO, Vadodara, Savli, Samlaya, Gujarat: – 391520
Indiapost39111000, DABHOI, Vadodara, Dabhoi, Dabhoi, Gujarat: – 391110
Indiapost391310, bajwa post office, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 391310
Axis Bank Ltd 1144-AXIS BANK LTD, AKOTA, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390020
INDIAN OVERSEAS BANK_NEW_659IOB 156-2/3 Mehtapole Mandvi, Vadodara, Gujarat: – 390006
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