APCT is a leading manufacturer of high-reliability printed circuit boards. It manufactures multilayer, complex printed circuit boards and is committed to capital improvements and reputation-based quality and turnaround times. Its commitment to quality and reliability has helped it grow to a global leader in its industry. Read on for more information about APCT.

APCT is a Printed Circuit Assembly (Electronic Assembly) Manufacturing company

APCT is a Printed Circuit assembly (PCA) Manufacturing company that manufactures prototype printed circuit boards for the electronics industry. The company recently completed the acquisition of a private equity firm and a group of management to further accelerate its profitable growth. The new management team aims to drive systems integration and investment to expand the company’s global production capabilities.

The company has four manufacturing sites, including its headquarters in Silicon Valley. It also has facilities in Southern California and Connecticut. The company currently employs over 480 people in its manufacturing locations. APCT is one of the largest privately-held PCB manufacturers in North America.

APCT reinvented itself as a time-critical manufacturer, delivering circuit boards faster than the industry standard. In order to accommodate this new model, APCT tripled its shifts and changed its hours to 24-hours a day. This approach has helped APCT grow from a few customers to over 400. Many of its clients are Tier II and Tier III manufacturers. No single customer accounts for more than 8 percent of the company’s business.

It manufactures complex, multilayer printed circuit boards

APCT Holdings LLC (NASDAQ:APCT) is a leading manufacturer of complex multilayer PCBs and associated engineering services. With the latest technology and expertise, APCT manufactures circuit boards with a high degree of complexity in a compressed time frame. The company serves a niche market of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and electronic manufacturing services providers (EMS).

Unlike single-sided PCBs, multilayer PCBs typically contain three or more conductive layers. These layers are interconnected by buried, blind, or through-hole vias. The result is a durable, high-density board that meets customer specifications. APCT’s multilayer manufacturing processes ensure that conductive layers are encapsulated in resin and that the adhesive is properly melted and cured.

Multilayer PCBs are often used in consumer electronics products such as wearable devices. The small form factor of multilayer PCBs makes them ideal for such applications. They offer high-performance, multifunctionality, and reduced weight. They also feature improved signal integrity and EMI performance.

It offers a reputation based QTA service

APCT is one of the leading QTA providers, and has built its reputation by listening to its clients and implementing their solutions. As a result, it has consistently been rated high by its customers. The company works hard to earn its clients’ trust and to make every customer feel important.

In recent years, APCT has extended its business operations into automotive and aerospace applications. As a result, the company acquired several companies, including Incline Merger Sub, LLC and IMG Companies, LLC, which specialize in highly engineered components and systems. The company also acquired Tri-Tek Electronics Inc. and Tide Rock Holdings in June 2013.

In addition to its reputation as a trustworthy supplier, APCT has the ability to take on new projects at any time. The company needs to manage its backlog efficiently to avoid overcapacity, which can pose a risk to monetary partners. This requires efficient supply chain management.

It invests in capital improvements

The company is investing in new technology and innovation to stay ahead of its customers. APCT has spent nearly $7 million on capital improvements in the last six years. In addition, the company has invested 100 percent of its net income in the last two years. These investments are key to the company’s ability to stay on the cutting edge of technology and speed.

APCT is a supplier of printed circuit board products. The company is based in Silicon Valley and has a global division that provides outsourcing production management services. It was acquired by Industrial Growth Partners, a private equity firm. The company maintains domestic manufacturing facilities in Connecticut and Southern California.

APCT is a customer-centric company that differentiates itself through technical expertise and consultative engineering. It has a global production management capability and a strong reputation for quality. The company offers a wide range of complex advanced technologies.

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