People who are planning on getting the Azerbaijan visa should know about the medical/health facilities available in the country as one can commonly face medical emergencies such as diarrhea on a trip. You would be surprised to know that one of the most widely applied Visas to Azerbaijan is the health visa that is applied by people who want to seek medical help. Here we have discussed the medical or health facilities and benefits in Azerbaijan.

Usually, people think that there are no medical facilities in Azerbaijan as compared to the western world but this is not true. You must know that Azerbaijan is one of the few countries in this region that have developed a lot in the past few years. You can see development in this country by simply visiting Baku, The capital city. All you need is a transit visa Azerbaijan to see the modernism of this country.

Health facilities are cheap in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has tons of hospitals that are run by the state. These hospitals are not only open for locals but also for tourists who have the Azerbaijan visa. If you want to get treated at a state-run hospital in Baku or any other city in the country then you need to show them your Azerbaijan e-visa application form and you can make a doctor’s appointment. Without a visa you cannot get treatment so always carry your visa in your phone!

Like most modern European countries in the world, you should know that the people of Azerbaijan are bound by the law to have health insurance. Having insurance helps them get cheap and quality treatments on time. Moreover, health insurance for Azerbaijani people saves them from any health-altering medical emergencies. 

When you are applying for the Azerbaijan visa then you might need to apply for a tourist health insurance plan as well. This would help you get coverage for common diseases in Azerbaijan. Malaria fever is quite common in Azerbaijan and can be treated if you have insurance. Also, getting yourself insured helps you get financial assistance in case of a road accident or any other medical emergency. 

Emergency services are available all around the country

Most people who have the Azerbaijan visa would spend their time in Baku because it is one of the most unique and attractive cities in the world. Now if you are living in Baku or in any other city in the country and come across a medical emergency then you can call for an ambulance by dialing 103. Do I need a visa to Azerbaijan to get medical emergency services? No, you can call for emergency help if you are a local, tourist or even an expat!

The value of Azerbaijan visa has increased a lot because of the improved medical facilities. In the past people used to travel to Turkey or other well-developed countries for medical severe assistance but today you can apply for Azerbaijan online visa application and visit the country for cheap treatments.

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