To rent a car, you’ll need an International Driving Permit and a license from your country. There are many well-known rent car Dubai monthly agencies in Dubai, including Avis Budget Car Rentals and Hertz, as well as Thrifty Car Rentals. If you want to drive a private vehicle, you can apply for a Temporary Driving License. The Dubai Traffic Police Station issues temporary licenses valid for six months.

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Dubai residents must obtain a local driving permit. You cannot use temporary or international permits once you have Dubai residency. Some nationalities, such as those from the and New Zealand, South Africa, and South Korea, can obtain a local driving license by showing their current driving license and completing paperwork. Other applicants will need to take driving lessons at licensed centers such as Belasis Driving Center or Dubai Driving Center, Emirates Driving Institute, and Galadriel Motor Driving Center and then pass a test. You can make an appointment with the Dubai Traffic Department to take your driving test.

An ex-pat can purchase a car once they have a residence visa. Dealers in the U.A.E. carry most major car brands, with Japanese and 4×4 models, particularly popular. You can find used cars at 4×4 Motors and Al Fustian Auto Mall, as well as Western Auto, Sun City Motors, and Sun City Motors. You can also search the classifieds to find used cars in Dubai.

Understanding the road rules in your area is crucial to a pleasant experience. Driving defensively and being vigilant behind the wheel are important. Dubai cars are left-hand driven, with traffic to the right. Slower drivers should stay in the farthest right lane. You will likely be accosted by another vehicle horning and flashing high beams in the left-most lanes if you travel at a slower speed. Drivers are known to abruptly change lanes without signaling, slow down through stop signs rather than coming to a complete stop, and honk loudly when the traffic light turns green. Watch out for pedestrians who are frequently seen darting down the street. A Salk automated toll system was recently installed to reduce congestion on major roads.

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Mobile radar cameras are set up around the Emirate to capture drivers who exceed the speed limit or run a red light. Drinking and driving are not tolerated. Even a minor gesture like a rude hand gesture in frustration at another driver can land you in jail or court. You will not be sent a notice if you are fined. Instead, you can visit the Dubai and call them directly. When renewing your rent a car for aid 500 per month, fines can be paid for a whole year. Parking your car in an accident is best to avoid obstructing traffic.

Get the other person’s details and go to the nearest police station immediately to file a report. If police are called, they will often make a report right on the spot. The insurance company requires them as it is nearly impossible to repair the damage without them. Dubai has the worst road death rates in the world. The Unified Federal Traffic Law imposed stiffer penalties on driving offenses to improve road safety.

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