Most of us will be involved in or witness an accident at some point; knowing what to do next could save lives.

What should you do if you are afraid to use the phone because you are on vacation abroad, in a disaster area, or a similar situation?

Fortunately, in today’s world, there are various methods derived by cell phone repair store professionals for instantly summoning assistance at the touch of a button, so mobile phone owners are never completely stranded.

We’ve all got cell phones, right? However, do most of us know how to use our cell phones in an emergency? Given the current coronavirus outbreak, staying informed and prepared to use any and all resources at our disposal is critical. Here are simple and frequently overlooked tips for making the most of your mobile device in an emergency.

Cellphone Emergency hacks revealed by cell phone repair store professionals

What Should You Text 999

Even if you cannot make a voice call, you can send a text message to emergency services by dialing 999. Though it will work, it will take longer than simply calling.

Simply text “register” to the emergency number 999 and follow the on-screen instructions.

According to cell mechanics in Winnipeg, In an emergency, write down a message describing the nature of the situation, the location, and the specific service you require.

The response from emergency services will either be a request for more information or a notification that help is on the way.

In times of crisis, a traveler’s essential contact information. Many Americans have no idea what number to dial in the event of an international emergency, whereas European Union citizens only need to remember to dial 112.

Calling 112 is free and connects you to an operator specially trained to handle emergencies.

If you get lost, simply call the operator, and they will tell you where you are. 112 is recognized not only in the EU but also in Switzerland and South Africa.

How to configure a lock screen with emergency contacts?

Because most mobile phones are password protected, rescuers or medics may find it difficult to contact next of kin in an emergency.

To address this issue, an ICE app allows you to display your contact information and other vitals on the lock screen so you can access them in an emergency.

Medication records, blood types, allergies, and health issues can all be saved, and the device can even display the phone number of your next-of-kin.

A mobile app for disaster alerts

When you’re on the road and can’t always listen to the news, it can be difficult to get timely warnings of an impending natural disaster.

On the other hand, the Disaster Alert mobile app is here to help. The free software can provide early warning of natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, storms, and avalanches.

If you find an alert and touch it in any part of the world, you’ll get information about it, such as how long it’s been active and how dangerous it is.

There are times when dialing 911 is necessary, but doing so may put you or others in danger.

What’s the solution then? According to cell phone repair in Winnipeg, the best solution is to Dial 55.

When you dial 999, an operator will ask what kind of assistance you require. It’s an emergency, and professionals might tell you to cough or make another noise if you don’t speak up.

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Install RapidSOS

Users can contact authorities and the fire department, or seek medical assistance with a single tap of this emergency app, even if they do not have service.

If you cannot pinpoint your exact location, this service will connect you to the nearest dispatch center and relay your location to them.

It operates in 135 countries and will transmit the user’s information and any pre-entered medical records.

Keep your phone on in emergencies.

Can’t make a phone call? Keep your phone turned on! There is a potential that someone will come seeking you if you are in an emergency scenario. Smartphones all have GPS services, which may be readily traced by police looking for your position.

These hacks by cell phone repair store professionals would help you in times of emergencies. Be aware and relaxed in such times, and seek solutions instead of panicking.

Consult the FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) section for more information.

What button do I push on my phone in an emergency?

Simply press and hold the screen lock and any volume buttons, and an Emergency SOS slider will show, prompting an automated call.

What exactly is Android’s emergency mode?

When you are in an emergency circumstance, emergency mode conserves the remaining power on your smartphone.

Is there an SOS button on Android phones?

With the introduction of Android 12, it is now simpler than ever to enable Emergency SOS capabilities, which everyone should do.

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