In the last few years, the Big bash league has gone on to become one of the most popular leagues in the world. Cricket Australia has gone on to formulate a superior standard when it comes to the infrastructure related to the game at a major level. But one has to keep in mind that big bash prediction has reduced in the last few years. The main reason is a lot of innovations have gone on to take place and some of them have fallen flat.

One of the rules that have come to the fore is the traditional coin toss with the bat flip season this year. It has gone on to formulate a new category of rules that have been introduced that have been witnessed in the 2020- 2021 edition of the tournament. Let us figure out the various type of rules and what would be the pros along with the cons.

Power surge

This is a rule that the batting side tends to alter the powerplay in a different way. It is based on a conventional format the batting side has to comply with the mandatory fielding restrictions as usual in the first four years. Then the next two overs can be taken by the batting team as per their desires at any point during the game. At the starting stage of the 11th over, the team can take this power play.

You have to argue that this rule brings about an interesting tinge, the worries of the bowling team go on to increase further. It is something that can be taken by the batting team. One thing is for sure the batting team could mess up the strategies of the bowling side What it does is that it forces the bowling team to bring their best bowlers during these two overs. So this is a rule that is loaded for the batsman and has evoked a lot of criticism.

The X – factor

Here the 12th or the 13th man of the team is bound to make an impact on a team. Here the batting or the bowling team can bring this player at any point in time, and it could be in place of a batter who has not batted in the innings. It could be a bowler who has not bowled more than one overs in an innings.

The rule does have its own share of ups and downs. Now the question comes into play how come a player who was not considered to be a certainty in a game could go on to major impact towards the second stage of the innings? Such a rule is bound to make an impact if both the teams have gone on to read the pitch conditions in a bad way. But there will be a few cases where the X factor could go on to make a major impact in the game of cricket. But the possibility of the player succeeding in the game is on the lower side.

Big boast

Among all the rules this happens to be a rule that has evoked the sharpest criticism. What it means is that there are 4 points in a game of BBL rather than the routine 3. The point is received by the chasing team if they are able to better the performance of the opponents by the 10th over. It would be applicable to the fielding side if they are in a better position after the 10th over. The points obtained do not have any relevance in terms of winning or losing in a game of cricket.

An example is that if a team chasing 200 runs is 4 for 40 they will adopt a safety first approach. They may not look to chase the score, and their immediate target would be to obtain the bonus point. The target of the chasing team would be to better the score of their opponents in the first ten overs. It is not going to have any significance when it comes to the NRR, and it tends to be effective. One thing is for sure the rule does not hold any logic when it comes to gaining the extra point.

The utility of the toss in the Big bash games

In the starting few years of the competition, the golden rule that was followed by the teams is to win the toss and bat first. But this rule underwent a major change after the first three seasons of the league. A lot is attributed to the changing trends of the league. The game went on to become batsman-friendly, and teams had gone on to change the approach. What they went on to do was to win the toss and go on to put the opposition in. Then what the other team has obtained, they go on to chase the same.

This is not something that is restricted to the big bash league. In all of the leagues of the world, teams do want to chase on all counts. A lot is attributed to the pitch, the targes and the weather. One thing is for sure the team batting second would be able to script their batting based on the requirements. Even they would be able to plan the approach based on their needs.

Remember the toss is one of the crucial factors that come into consideration when it comes to deciding a match winner. An actual result could be decided on how the players go on to play the game. One thing that requires consideration is the 40 overs of the game, and a team that goes on to perform the best is expected to win in such cases.

These are some of the rules that is applicable to the game of cricket. So enjoy this at the earliest!

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