The investment in the USB drive is the best season for securing data. Instead of choosing free applications, you can password protect a USB drive to get a similar level of protection. It will offer complete safety to your sensitive information without unnecessary downloading of applications. For the use of password protect usb stick, there are some easy and practical ways provided to the users.

You can learn about them and get the benefit of encrypted files and folders. All of them are available individually to provide quick access to information. Do you also want to know about effective ways to password protect your USB drive? If yes, then the evaluation of the following information is beneficial.

Creating an Encrypted Partition

For the password protection of your data, there are many tools available for encryption. However, most of them require administrator rights to run on the personal computer. You can choose a mini drive that works without rights on the targeted computer.

It is possible with a free hidden feature like encrypted and password-protected partition to a USB drive. There is no further requirement for encryption drivers on the local system. You can get access to protected data anytime.

Save Individual Files with a Password

The next way is to save individual files on the USB drive with the password. It has been discussed that you cannot safely password protect usb stick without encryption. The saving of individual files is an easy and quick way to protect a few selected files. You can simply save them using a USB password.

Many programs are compatible with the option, like Word and Excel. In Microsoft word, you can go to file and expand the protect document menu for encrypted protection.

Use 7 zip for Creating a Password to Achieve

There is a requirement to offer a password to the archive data also. It is beneficial to choose 7 zip because there is no complication in installing and running it. You can just right-click the file and folder on the USB drive to add the files into an archive with protection.

After it, there is a need to click on the ok to start the encryption and archiving procedure. So, it is a great way available with minimum efforts to protect both original and archived files.

Password Protect USB Stick with WinRAR

One of the effective ways to protect the password is running the information on WinRAR. It will protect the information from hackers. There is a need to run the stick with complete information to get the chances of deletion. As a result, the availability of the desired results is possible for the users.

So, you can say that these are effective and easily available for the use of password-protect usb sticks. However, the collection of the details about them is essential to have the desired results. So, make sure that the details are correct and accurate about using a USB stick.

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