Electronic flow regulator which are also known as the electronic pressure regulators are new devices which are far better than the old mechanical pressure regulators which we were using in the past. Now the main purpose of an electric pressure regulator is to digitally maintain the pressure of air, gas, or any other fluid in a pneumatic system. These pressure regulators can easily maintain a constant flow of pressure coming out from the valve. There is now way you can maintain the pressure of inlet or outlet valves with complete accuracy if you use the mechanical regulators which is why it is important that you switch to the modern electric devices!

The electronically controlled pressure regulator is actually a closed loop system in which you would see the working of two solenoid valves. These valves are also known as the internal pressure transducer and the electronic controller. The pressure is controlled by these valves at a set signal given by the user.

One valve controls the inlet air pressure valve whereas the other is responsible for the exhaust. The electronic flow regulator can easily measure the pressure of internal and external valves by using sensors. These sensors can communicate to the user on the analogue or digital screen!

Now there are different kinds of electronic flow regulator devices that you can choose from. The selection of the regulator would surely depend on your application. Still below we have listed some of the popular options you have!

Common Electronic pressure regulators 

You can find all of these in the local market:

  • Low pressure proportional regulator
  • Medium pressure proportional regulator
  • High pressure proportional regulator 
  • Electronic vacuum regulator
  • High flow with volume booster
  • Electronic pressure controllers

What are the different applications of electronic flow regulator?

People usually have no clue as for where electronic regulators are used. This is why below we have mentioned some of the common applications of these devices for your knowledge:

  1. First most know that these regulators are used in the spraying and painting industry. 
  2. Second common application of air pressure controller can be seen in air blowing stations. 
  3. One of the most popular uses of electronic flow regulator is in the leak testing industry. These devices can easily ensure zero leakage and losses.
  4. Filling pressure in beverage bottles or cans is another application of electronic pressure regulator devices. 
  5. You would be shocked to know that the electronic flow regulator is also used in artificial hearts. There are many more medical uses of these devices.
  6. And lastly you can also see the use of these regulators in the laser cutting industry for glass, etc!

Other than these you can see the use of these regulators in the plastic blow molding machines, tire making machines and also in tension control equipment. The price range of different regulators varies on their size, shape and also technology. The modern devices might be expensive but they are more robust and efficient than mechanical ones!

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