Get Integrated Control of Your Video Wall with Data Path’s New Controller

If you don’t want to settle for a good product but want to get the best one available, then you need to take your search to Data Path. This company has been designing and manufacturing video wall controller since 1989 and knows what it takes to get you the perfect product to meet your needs in every way possible. When choosing this controller, everything from easy-to-use installation options to maintenance costs can be considered because it was designed to work with large and small screens that use various signal inputs, including single-source and multi-source systems.

A Data Path Control Room Solution

If you need a video wall system, it may be best to look into Data Path. Data Path offers integrated control room solutions and video wall controllers that make it easier to maximize your business communication experience fully. It’s the perfect system for any organization looking to focus on crucial information at all times more efficiently.

What is a Multi-Viewer?

A multi-viewer is a video wall controller that helps you integrate a video wall system and act as the unit’s brain. This centralized, user-friendly control room solution can be found in many prestigious commercial and military buildings, including but not limited to Nasa and SpaceX. It can also help you save space by directing up to four large monitors or video walls into one screen.

The Benefits of Controlling Multiple Monitors From One Station

With today’s influx of information and technology, one might think controlling one monitor would be enough. While there is some truth to this statement, a company cannot have too many screens in today’s time and age of global business. Video walls are screens that combine to create the effect of looking at a large screen made up of many small screens. With video wall systems and controllers, it is easier than ever to increase the number of monitors on display without sacrificing space or cost.

Panels Touch Screen Capabilities

A sleek touch screen that allows users to access and control up to 144 video wall screens, the Panel is a powerful integrated control room solution. This new technology features functionality that ranges from complete display management and compliance (e.g., EIC, NERC CIP) to flexible operator interface capabilities like talk-back and swipe-to-select across displays in each row or column.

How Do You Set Up the VCB?

To start, mount the VCB module to the back wall behind your video screen. Once in place, attach a power supply and any necessary interface connections. The next step is setting up a touch screen or other interface device for navigation. Once that is done, test your control by running through different features and ensuring they function as you want.

What’s Included in the VCB?

If you’re shopping for a video wall controller, you must know what control system you want. We break it down for you: the Data Path VCB offers integrated control and support for wide screens, projection surfaces, video walls, and DMX lighting. Plus, with available options like RGB LED edge correction tools and touchscreen control panels, the Data Path VCB can be personalized to your needs.

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