Imagine you bought a phone or were gifted by someone and are excited to try it. You open your phone, and guess what? The screen is flickering. OH NO! It is your favorite model, and you don’t want it to get damaged. You will be very disappointed to see the flickering issue on your screen. The phone screen is the main part of any smartphone. If it is not working fine, you cannot use your phone or see the display. Firstly, it might seem like an isolated problem, but it stays longer, and you don’t know what to do. This problem can occur due to internal connections of hardware and software issues. Cell phone repair studio, a cell phone store in Reseda, LA, has offered several solutions if you got a flickering screen but first, let’s learn what a flickering issue is. 

What is the Flickering Issue, and why does your screen flicker?

Smartphones are electronic gadgets that are not invincible and can get damaged and malfunction easily. If your cell phone encounters problems, you will see a few signs. 

  • You will start seeing odd white and black lines on your phone screen.
  • Your screen will show flickering pixels, and you won’t be able to use it because it will blink whenever you try to use it.
  • The cell phone screen will turn half black and half white.

If you are facing these issues, you can try several solutions and fixes to resolve the problem.

Phone Reboot

When your mobile phone shows a flickering display, you must restart your phone and check if this problem is permanent or temporary. Restarting is advised by the mobile phone store Reseda for almost every little concern because it stops any app activity in the background and kills the issue. If any application in your phone or any component is crashing in your cell phone, restarting will refresh it. Hopefully, the case will get resolved. After solving the problem, go through every new app you have installed. The problem might have occurred from there. If it persists, try the next steps. 

Hard Reset your phone.

You won’t have to come to this if rebooting has solved your problem; if not, you might have to reset your phone hard and wipe your cell phone. It’s important to back up your phone’s data before a hard reset because everything will automatically be deleted during a hard reset. When you hard reset your cell phone, it will restore to its default settings and delete all the spam and cache from your phone. Cell phone store in Reseda advises you to wait patiently while it backups up and resets because the time depends on the data you have housed in your phone. 

Try a Safe Mode if you are an Android User.

If you are an android user, you may know about the safe mode. If your screen is flickering, it is recommended to switch to it. When you turn this mode on, the third-party apps will stop working, and your data will also be safe. You can turn it back on whenever you want once the issue disappears. But this fix is temporary. The problem can come back at any time. If your phone works fine when you turn on safe mode, it means that the issue lies in any of your third-party apps. You need to uninstall the app immediately. 

Disable Auto-Brightness

Auto-brightness features can also cause a flickering issue because smartphones have sensors that can sense light, and your screen illumination continuously alters. You should turn the auto-brightness off to avoid the flickering issue. 

Turn off Hardware Overlays 

It is the decision of your cell phone whether it wants the GPU or the CPU for the graphics job. Usually, when you are using your smartphone for a long time, age can cause the flickering screen issue. When your phone’s display is not working, your tasks get delayed. The problem can disappear if you disable or turn off the hardware overlays. However, it is a little tricky, so if you don’t want any further damage to your phone, you can get help from the professionals who provide the best cell phone service in Reseda.

Update your device.

Sometimes, old or outdated software can cause a flickering problem. In that case, you must update your device’s software whether you are an android user or an iPhone user. Apple gives iOS updates often and suggests that you download and install them as soon as they come. To see the update, go to settings, software update, and install it. 


It has become evident that smartphones play a very important part in our lives, and we cannot live without them even for a single day. Cell phones are delicate and fragile and require good care. If you have ever faced a flickering issue or facing one right now, you must take it to a cell phone store in Reseda, LA, so let the professionals solve the issue if you don’t know how to do it yourself. Understanding and solving the problem is better than replacing the phone entirely. 

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