Starlights are very popular these days because these lights can be used in cars to create a great atmosphere. But many users don’t know how many lights are needed in a starlight headliner to get a proper starlight experience. You need to know how many lights to use in the Starlight Headliner to get enough bright light. You will get the best results and experience the brightest light by using a high-power source. Use 500-2000 lights on a 6W power source to experience high brightness in the starlight headliner. But starlight headliner should use a higher output to be effective. Read the rest of the article carefully to know more about the correct number of Starlight functions.

Time for the Starlight headliner to last

Starlight fibers never heat up, so there is no chance of burning. The starlight transmission system is different from ordinary lights, so it receives light at one end and emits light at the opposite end. Starlight’s main source of light is LED bulbs. LED bulbs do not heat up easily, as they have a cool burning unit. Starlight can last for 30,000 – 50,000 hours continuously.

Currently, Starlight is widely used in car interiors. Starlight headliners and Starlight Kits play a great role in enhancing the beauty of the car a lot. Starlights are designed to be suitable for use in cars and vehicles of various models. With Starlight you can create the environment you want, so you can set it by including different colors to decorate. You will find starlights with different settings in the market. Below are some of the notable best Starlight kits preferred by customers.

  • Best AKEPO Car APP Starlight Headliner Kit
  • Dual Head Fiber Optic Headliner Starlight
  • 3 in-1 Headliner Starlight Galaxy Light Projector 
  • LED Galaxy Starry Light Projector Star Night Light
  • AMKI Bluetooth Controlled LED Remote RGB Headliner Starlight
  • AZIMOM Bluetooth Fiber Optic Starlight Headliner kit

With Starlight Headliner, you can customize your room or the interior of your favorite car in a very beautiful way. Starlights have strong light optic fiber strands that use different color configurations to create an interesting pattern. Currently, Starlight is one of the best graphics displayed inside the car and helps create a romantic atmosphere in the world of emotions.

Where can you find the best starlight kit?

Online is one of the best options to compare multiple models and a variety of starlights. Find the best and most attractive star light kit at the website. Customers spend a lot of time looking for a good quality starlight kit, but still, they can’t find the specified starlight headliner. You can take a look at the best starlight kit listings from Lumbuy without wasting your time. This will be a perfect place for you to get a budget-free and glamorous starlight kit.


Make your car interior more gorgeous by using a starlight headliner. Starlight Headliners are more than capable of transforming any space in an instant, so you can present your mood beautifully. Using the Starlight Headliner Kit you can create a fair of twinkles as beautiful as the night sky. Don’t forget to set up Starlight to enhance your modern home interior even more.

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