There are many reasons to like Starbucks. Apart from its Grand Cappuccino treats, Jawa Company is aware of the way to create a wonderful atmosphere in its shops. No marvel Starbucks present playing cards are a popular preference for holiday and regular gifts. You probably have – or maybe presently have – a Starbucks present card.

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Whether you acquired it as a gift from a person or bought it for yourself, sooner or later you’ll want to understand your Starbucks gift card balance. The last thing you want is to miss a cup of your favourite drink due to inadequate price range to your card. So in this article, we provide an explanation for how to check Starbucks present card stability.

How To Check Balance On Starbucks Card

There are 4 important approaches to check your Starbucks gift card balance. You can either go to the Starbucks card page, leaf through the Starbucks rewards page, use the Starbucks cell app, or simply name their telephone range. Below are step-by way of-step strategies for every method.

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1. How To Check Starbucks Gift Card Balance On The Cards Page

On your web browser, go to the Starbucks gift card web page at www.Starbucks.Com/card or http://www.Starbucks.Com/present and select “Check Balance.”

In the window that appears, input your Starbucks card quantity. This is the 16-digit wide variety that appears at the again of your present card. Be positive no longer to include any spaces or dashes – just digits.

Enter the Card Security Code (CSC). This is an 8-digit range that is normally blanketed by way of a scratch-off area. This, too, is at the lower back of the gift card. However, in case you’re the use of a Starbucks e-Gift card, take a look at the security code just below the cardboard quantity.

Press the “Check Balance” button to display the stability in your present card.

2. How To Check Starbucks Gift Card Balance At The Rewards Page

On your internet browser, visit the Starbucks Rewards web page at www.Starbucks.Com/rewards or app.Starbucks.Com.

Sign in in your Starbucks Rewards account and then faucet “Card Management.”

From the listing of your to be had playing cards, pick out the card on which you want to check the balance.

Three. How To Check Your Gift Card Balance Using The Starbucks Mobile App

Download and installation the Starbucks app for iPhone (from the App Store) or Android (from the Google Play Store).

Sign in in your Starbucks app, then tap the “Scan” tab. It is determined at the bottom of the principle screen. The app will display your default Starbucks gift card, along side its stability.

Swipe left to view the balances of other present playing cards available for your Starbucks Rewards account.

4.Your Gift Card Balance By Calling

Look on the lower back of your Starbucks gift card. You will normally get a toll-free telephone quantity.

Give it a name and ask the client care consultant to test your gift card balance. This is a great choice in case you cannot get right of entry to the Starbucks cellular app to your iPhone or Android device for some motive.

Starbucks Card Balance FAQ

Want to study greater about how to check stability on a Starbucks card? Below are the answers to the maximum regularly requested questions:

You can test your Starbucks gift card balance without a protection code with the aid of logging into your Starbucks Rewards account or the use of the Starbucks cell app.

On the Rewards web page, register in your Starbucks account after which visit “Card Management.” Select the gift card whose stability you want to test and it is going to be displayed. You will now not want to apply a security code at any time.

You can also use the Starbucks cell app to test card balance without a protection code. Tap “Scan” to display the stability to your gift card. Again, you won’t want a security code for that.

How Do I Get A Starbucks Gift Card?

Physical gift playing cards are now not to be had at the Starbucks website. However, you may buy a digital gift card (also known as an eGift card) without delay from the website online. From the house page, click on the “Gift Cards” tab, after which choose the Starbucks e-gift card that fits you first-rate.

On your cellphone, open the Starbucks app. Now, tap on the “Gifts” icon, that is placed at the lowest of the home display. This will carry a number of Starbucks e-present cards from which you may choose the one you want.

If you want to buy a physical Starbucks present card, you can accomplish that by using travelling the outlets that stock them. Starbucks recommends getting your present cards from different similar outlets like Amazon, Target, Safeway, Albertsons, and extra.

Send A Virtual Starbucks Gift Card?

You can send a virtual Starbucks gift card (or e-gift card) via e-mail, Microsoft Teams, or textual content. To ship through electronic mail, go to the Starbucks cell app or the present card page. GiftChoose the layout of the cardboard that you like. In the “Recipient’s Email” field, enter the email cope with of the individual to whom you’re sending the present card. You can also add a customized message to the gift card.

It may be despatched to their electronic mail cope with, entire with a completely unique present card wide variety. Recipients could be capable of upload the e-present to their Starbucks Rewards account, or they are able to transfer the balance to an existing card. Finally, the recipient has the choice to print out the present card and use it at any Starbucks store to pay for their favored liquor.

To send a Starbucks gift card via Microsoft Teams, ensure you have got the Starbucks cell app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Open the app in Chat or Channel, then sign in on your Starbucks Rewards account. Tap the “Gift” icon, choose the e-gift layout you like quality, and specify the amount to add. Include a private message if you need to; Otherwise, send present playing cards.

The final choice for sending a digital Starbucks present card is thru textual content. To try this, visit the Starbucks gift card page and check in in your account. It will deliver one-of-a-kind designs of digital gift playing cards that you can send.

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