Depending on your Galaxy device, it is able to be capable of take a SIM card and a reminiscence card. Newer smartphones and 4G well suited capsules take nano-SIM cards, even as the most reminiscence card capacity varies by way of version. Learn more about which playing cards your device accepts.

The place of the SIM and reminiscence card slots will alternate relying for your model but may be without difficulty detected with the aid of searching carefully at the perimeters of your device.

If you are inserting a new memory card you can find out greater approximately how to use it and a way to transfer files and photographs.

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Please Note: To save you damage to any information saved at the reminiscence card, make sure it’s far unmounted before doing away with it

Insert SIM or memory card Click to crumble

The steps below provide an explanation for the way to insert a SIM or reminiscence card, no matter the kind. Before inserting the SIM or memory card you ought to make sure which you are putting the perfect size card to ensure that it does now not get broken or get stuck on your tool. Learn more about which playing cards your device accepts.

You can learn much more about various topics here how to install sim card

Desk-Bound Battery Devices

1. You will acquire an ejector pin in the field together with your new device. Gently insert the PIN into the hole at the SIM tray. It will click on on open

2. Take a look at the tray. The picture below indicates a dual SIM tray where you can use either  SIMs, or one SIM and one memory (SD) card.

Your SIM tray may also range relying on your version, but you may be capable of see where every card goes by using looking at the signs and emblems on the tray. Not all devices allow  SIMs or one reminiscence card.

Please Note: The SIM tray furnished with the S21 model is a newer layout that movements one SIM card to the front and the alternative to the again. Learn more about putting in a SIM card at the S21

3. Place the SIM or reminiscence card in the tray with the gold contacts dealing with down

Please Note: If your SIM card is the wrong length for your SIM tray, please touch your network provider for in addition assistance

4. inserted efficiently it’s going to take a seat flush in opposition to your tool

Detachable Battery Devices

1. Lift the again cowl off your tool. There is a release latch at the side to make it easier

cast off back cover

2. do away with battery

3. Carefully slide your SIM or microSD card into the slot on the pinnacle of the device

Please Note: The SD card slot is on the bottom and the microSD card slot is proper above it. Make certain you’re the usage of the correct slot.

Insert your SIM or microSD into the slot

4. Replace the battery by sliding it again into the tool earlier than gently urgent it down. Make positive the contacts at the battery and device are aligned

replace battery

5. Put the returned cowl again on your tool and gently press round the rims till it clicks into vicinity

SIM or reminiscence card removalClick to fall apart

Before putting off the reminiscence card, you must first unmount it to save you any damage and loss of records. It is not required whilst removing the SIM card.

Unmounting Sd Card

1. Open Settings, then faucet Device Maintenance or Device Care

2. Tap Storage

3.faucet sd card

If you don’t see this selection, faucet the More alternatives icon, it’ll seem as three dots. Then tap on Storage Settings. Now you’ll be capable of tap on SD card.

4. faucet unmount

Then, put off the SIM or memory card from the slot. For devices with removable batteries, comply with the steps in ‘Insert SIM or reminiscence card’.

Sim Or Memory Card Elimination

1. You will acquire an ejector pin within the container along with your tool. Gently insert the PIN into the hole at the SIM tray. It have to click on open

2. eliminate sim or reminiscence card

3. Carefully insert the tray lower back into the tray slot

Click to disintegrate SIM card sorts

Nano SIM is the most normally used SIM in new (2014 and onwards) smartphones. Prior to that, Micro SIM turned into used the most.

The essential distinction between Nano and Micro SIM is the form of the plastic across the microchip. Most cellular networks now provide an adjustable card that you can dispose of from plastic to the right length.

Form of sim

Click to amplify Memory card types

If you are experiencing unusual conduct on Samsung mobiles, tablets or wearables, you could ship us an errors report or ask us a question within the Samsung Members app.

This lets in us to take a better have a look at what is happening. The statistics is anonymous and is held throughout the investigation most effective. Find out greater about sending mistakes reports thru the Samsung Members app.

How Do I Install Or Put Off My Sim Card?

Follow The Commands Under To Put In The Sim Card:

1. Remove the SIM card from the external card, being careful now not to the touch the gold contacts.

2. Make positive the device is turned off. Remove battery cover and take out the battery.

Three. Locate the SIM card slot. The steel SIM tray cover slides right and left to open or lock the SIM tray respectively. To unencumber the quilt, slide the cover of the SIM tray to the proper, and maintain the SIM card in order that the gold comes out with the handles dealing with down.

4. Insert the SIM card into the slot till it is completely inserted, and then slide the SIM tray cover to the left to lock the SIM tray.

5. To put off your SIM card from the device, cast off the battery cowl, put off the battery, slide the SIM tray to the left. The tray is unlocked and may be opened to retrieve the SIM.

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