Today’s world is much more dynamic than just a few decades ago. Before, employees would primarily remain at the same company for their entire career, working their way up the corporate ladder. That’s not the case anymore. Nowadays, people change jobs much more frequently and have several different careers over their lifetime. 

Recent trends show that employees switch companies every 1-2 years. Keeping your employees happy and satisfied is crucial to retaining them long-term. The career development plan is a road map for your employees’ future. It can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your company and your employees and provides a framework for how each employee can grow and advance within their current role, as well as how to get promoted. 

A good career plan should be detailed and specific and include certain goals and metrics employees must achieve to advance. uKnowva HRMS helps companies measure their performance and output so that companies can make data-driven decisions towards planning a career development plan. 

5 Strategies for Setting Up The Career Development Plan For Your Teams

Set team goals first

As HR leaders, when creating a career development plan for your teams, it must start by setting team goals. What are the goals your teams must accomplish over the next month, quarter, or year? What do you want your company to look like in the long term? You should then set goals for each department and position within your company. Set goals for each post, and make sure those goals align with the company’s overall goals. 

uKnowva gives your company perspective on the metrics and goals your teams must work on. It allows you, as a leader, to set customised and tweakable targets for your teams. Keep adjusting and monitoring the impact of the performances using the HR analytics on the go. It will keep you informed about the resources you invest into for breaking through where performances and market reach is concerned for the company. 

 Offer a career growth plan

Offer your teams career advancement paths where employees must know there’s a clear path towards promotion within the company. Include details about how employees can advance in your career growth plan. It’s also an advantage to communicate with your employees about their roles and value to the company. This way, your employees can see the path ahead of them and make necessary adjustments to reach their goals. Encourage employees to ask questions about their growth and future in the organisation. Use the suggestion box and helpdesk by uKnowva to utilise the team connection and collaboration to refine these paths for them in return.

Create rotational programs

If some of your employees want to focus on a specific skill, you can create rotational programs. For example, if you have a marketing team and one member wants to focus on improving their digital marketing skills, you can create a rotational program where that employee focuses solely on digital marketing for, say, six months. At the end of that time, they can switch to a different focus. If you’re creating rotational programs, you should include a section on them in your career development plan. Make sure employees know what skills they’re focusing on and how they will benefit the company.

Provide professional development opportunities

You should offer opportunities for professional development within your company. You could also tie certain such opportunities to each employee’s performance review. For example, if you want one of your employees to improve their public speaking skills, you could require them to attend a public speaking course once they’ve completed their performance review. That way, the employee knows what they need to improve on and the company is benefiting from the professional development opportunity. uKnowva’s eLMS feature helps your company train employees for the skills they need to advance. 

Encourage employee participation 

Many times employees don’t feel connected to an organisation. A job is just a means to an end for most employees and this is primarily why many employees don’t excel and pursue paths of career development. Group meetings are very ineffective for fostering personal development. When each employee receives individual focus, it is easier to make career development plans. This also provides a sense of value to the employee and improves retention. However, it can be challenging to provide attention to all the employees; with that in mind, uKnowva HRMS lets your team connect on social intranet and collaboration tools for improving your employees’ participation. 


The career development plan for your employees will create a positive workplace culture. Your company will have a significant competitive advantage over your rivals as a result. Additionally, it will strengthen your brand recognition in the industry. With the benefits of uKnowva, it is now easier to make data-backed decisions to set up career development plans for your organisation’s growth and success. 


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