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Do you want to know how to (comprar seguidores instagram portugal) upload photos to Instagram? Do you know how to upload pictures to Instagram PC? This article will help you. In the following paragraphs, I will show you how to download Instagram photos on your PC and how to do it on Android. check now

It is essential to our lives today. It is visited by thousands every day as a support to social, political, and cultural campaigns.

It’s photos, videos, or stories. This app, which began as a small project by young people, is now one of the most successful social networks. Later, Mark Zuckerberg, the social media entrepreneur who now owns Facebook and WhatsApp, bought it.

The Instagram app offers the best tools to edit, post, and upload photos

You can include filters, cropping, and color adjustments, as well as the location of the photograph. Additionally, tags of other users may be added to the photo. Uploading photos is easy.

Easily and practically, I’ll show you how to upload photos to Instagram. I’ll also tell you about the other tools you have.

How to upload a picture to Instagram: Preliminary information

You’ve decided it’s time to find out how to upload photos to Instagram and post pictures to Instagram Android.

Before I move on to the actual posting, let me share some tips that can affect the success of interactions (likes and comments, etc. ). It is essential to understand that every post consists of two parts: the photo (also called “insider copy”) and the caption.

You can add text to the image by using the caption. You have the option to add two or three words in a very schematic way. You can also choose to write a longer text explaining the contents of your photo.

Let me show you an example. Let’s say you’ve decided to share a photo of your best friend’s party. A short caption can be added with emoticons (or smileys) such as “Happy birthday, my friend!” “.

You can surprise them by sending a piece of your favorite music or thoughts about friendship. Write what you love if it’s something that interests you.

Additional indications

A post is only one piece of the puzzle. You can also add hashtags (#), which allow you to link to other categories.

Here’s a direct and practical example. Have you decided to post a sunset photo? Great! Use hashtags like #sunset and #bedtime to make your post stand out. Include the caption in your first comment or the caption of your post.

Instagram allows us to add a place to any post we publish to our profile. Your followers will be able to see precisely where your photo was taken. click here for more information.

The labels are last but not most miniature. Tag your friends if you post a photo that you share with them. This is an excellent way for the image to appear in your profile.

Steps to follow to upload a picture to Instagram

Logging in to the app is the first thing that you will need to do. After entering, you’ll see icons representing specific actions in the main window. To continue, tap it. The new tab will open, and all your photos from your phone will be displayed.

You can access the photo from the first box if it is recent. If not, you can check by folders. This section allows you to select one or more images you wish to upload to the same post. This will open a new panel containing the image(s) and all the options to edit them.

This is where you can adjust the size or add a filter. You can change the contrast, saturation, brightness, shadows, and blur. There are many other settings that you can also try. After you’re done editing, click the button for the “Next” option.

The final step               

The easiest step in posting a successful image is the last.

Add a caption to describe the photo. This will help you understand the message you want to convey with your image. You can leave it empty if you like. The location from which the photo was taken can be added.

Tag any other users in the photo. You can configure the apps that you would like it to be shared with, such as Facebook or Twitter.

You can increase productivity through social media and upload the same image to multiple social networking sites.

Once you are satisfied, click “Share.” Instantly, you will be able to see how the image has been uploaded to the relevant social networks. It will be possible to see how your contacts begin liking the idea and generating new followers.

Keep in mind that Instagram has parental filters. It is forbidden to upload adult content.


You can use third-party apps such as InstaSize to adjust the proportions of your photo.

This allows you to upload panoramic photos or photos with other scales. You can adapt them to Instagram’s proportions.

You can share any content you like without limitations. However, the entire photo will not be visible or cropped. To add some originality to your posts, you can add frames and effects.

In the next paragraph, I will explain how to upload photos to Instagram on Android.

How to upload a photo to Instagram android

I have already given you tips on how to upload photos to Instagram. Now, I will show you how to upload pictures to Instagram on Android.

If you’ve decided to post a photo to Instagram with your Android smartphone using the official social network app, I recommend that you follow these steps.

How do I upload a photo to Instagram on Android? You should know that this process is the same for Android and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad).

This is how you can post a picture to your Instagram account. Log in to your Instagram account by opening the app on your phone. Click the (+) button to select the photo that you wish to post.

It is also possible to create one right away

Now, tap Next. Select a filter if necessary. Enter the hashtags and write the caption. You can also add them to the first comment.

Tag the people in your photo. Add location if desired. Click on the Share button. Your profile will automatically share your photo. How do you download an Instagram photo to your PC? Continue reading.

How to download an Instagram photo from your PC

Have I got good news! All users can upload pictures to Instagram via desktop starting October 21, 2021. Submitting an application to share content from your profile is not necessary.

Before the long-awaited feature was introduced, you could only view the feed from your PC desktop and send Direct messages.

You could upload photos to your phone and publish them to your computer before this date. However, this is only possible by using tricks.

A Chrome extension called User Agent Switcher is a good choice. This Chrome extension tricks the Instagram app into believing that the photo will be uploaded using your phone.

This trick will allow you to download an Instagram photo to your computer.

This is without any inconvenience or differences, as the PC platform works the same way as the mobile platform but has larger graphic scales.

How to download an Instagram photo from your computer

You can now download Instagram photos directly to your computer starting October 21! This innovation is in line with new features that Instagram has created to allow users to collaborate and publish.

You can now publish Instagram posts directly from your computer/Mac. Instagram users can now upload photos and videos up to 1 minute in length directly from their Mac/computer without having to use the app.

This update makes it much easier for people who want to manage social media from their computers or those who don’t have the app installed on their phones.

Steps to download an Instagram photo to your PC

You can now upload new posts directly from your Mac or PC to your Instagram account.

People who use Instagram to edit photos or videos for posting on the social network can do so from their PC/Mac. It is possible to post directly to your profile from your computer without needing to send it to your phone.

These are the guidelines:

  • Visit Instagram
  • To access your profile, enter your access data.
  • Click on the “+” icon at the top of the bar. It’s the third icon after the “home” or “direct” icons.
  • After you upload/move the photo, you will be asked for the size you want: original – square (1 to1) – portrait (4 to5) – landscape (16:9).
  • Click the “+” button to choose more photos under the first uploaded image.
  • Use the forward key.
  • You can choose a filter and change the settings of your photo just as you would with an app.
  • After you’ve made all the necessary changes, click Next.
  • You can then enter the screen’s caption, location, and any tags. Click “Share” to continue with publication.
  • Note: technoloss.com
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