An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is commonly used in the customer service industry to allow incoming callers to navigate a phone system before speaking with an agent. If you interacted with an IVR when you called a company for support, you would have had to press a keypad to select an option or state what you wanted.

Customers were previously only able to input information that helped connect them with the appropriate agent through IVR technology. IVRs are not only still relevant (and equally important), but they are also used to allow customers to help themselves first without having to speak to someone directly. By reducing inbound requests, increasing agent efficiency, and keeping up with customers’ expectations, an IVR can be used to save your company money and delight customers.

Modern customers were taken into account when designing Knowlarity’s IVR. Throughout their platform, they have put the customer first, including how they interact with IVRs. In the past, IVRs provided an impersonal and robotic experience. When customers contact you through Voice, they can now expect personalized interactions that are delivered directly to their inbox.

How does IVR work?

With an interactive voice response system, incoming calls are received, information is collected, and callers are transferred to the right department or given the option to self-serve.

A key function of this app is to handle inbound calls by asking callers to press predefined keys on their smartphones as directed. You’ve probably experienced this yourself because every time you call a brand, you have to choose the right option from the automated menu. The first button might be for billing, the second for order cancellation, and the third for customer service, for example.

As soon as the caller provides the required information, the IVR system routes him or her to the right department for a satisfactory solution. To avoid waiting in a queue for a support agent, it plays prerecorded messages for general inquiries.

Here are ways that IVR simplifies your day-to-day life

You can benefit from partnering with a reputable IVR service provider in the following ways:

Easy to set up

One of the major advantages of IVR services is that you do not have to go over your budget for its installation. Businesses can streamline their customer communication with IVR solutions offered by companies like Knowlarity that don’t require significant infrastructure investment.

24/7 availability

It is crucial for businesses to be available 24/7 to receive calls because customers can reach you anytime if they need help with their products or services.

It is not easy to offer round-the-clock solutions because you have to keep at least three teams in different shifts, which is not easy for a small business owner.

The importance of IVR service is paramount here since it ensures that no call goes unanswered. Callers can resolve general issues on their own by playing an easy-to-understand menu, while complex issues can be recorded for call backs. By maintaining the CSAT score without making a large investment, you maintain the CSAT score.

Smooth call recording

High-quality call recordings are another benefit of using IVR services. You should not take recorded calls for granted since they not only improve the quality of your training programs but also reveal hidden problems. To make your products and services better, you can take proactive steps to resolve such issues.

If you consistently improve the quality of your products and services, you might see a significant drop in complaints and retain customers in the long run.

Fabulous support experience

Supporting your customers determines the quality of your relationship with them. Good customer service can turn happy customers into brand advocates and open up more revenue-generating opportunities later on.

Bad support experiences are not a big deal if they happen occasionally. It is more likely that they will leave you and join your competitor if it happens repeatedly.


IVR services reduce average response times and ensure personalized greetings for the best impression on callers. Naturally, this is great because it calms down angry customers and then encourages them to discuss issues when they are connected with the right support agent. Each support interaction ends on a positive note as a result of these measures.

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