Instagram Customer Service: A Guide to Brands in 2022

Instagram isn’t just for sharing photos. Brands use it in many other ways as well. One of these is customer service. While Instagram might not be the best platform(comprar seguidores instagram portugal) to address customers’ concerns, it is a channel you should continue to open to your audience.

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What is Instagram Customer Service?

Instagram Customer Service is not an isolated concept unless you’re talking about technical support. You can see Instagram Customer Service as an integral part of a sophisticated, effective marketing strategy. Providing Instagram Customer Service means you are available and willing to answer their questions or concerns through the app.

You can transfer customer service concerns to another channel later, but it is essential to address inquiries immediately to build trust and transparency with your followers. You will get feedback and occasional concerns from your followers and customers if you establish a dialog with them.

How should you approach Instagram customer support as a brand? These are some tips for improving your brand’s Instagram customer support presence.

Properly Use Buttons

Instagram makes it easy to manage your business account. Your profile information is the first thing that visitors will see. In your Instagram bio, add contacts for your brand and a link to your website.

Add action buttons to your profile to make it easy for users to contact you. These buttons are located below your bio section. These buttons are located below the bio section.

Resource Your Social Media Manager Appropriately

Your social media manager will be expected to offer customer service or point followers to other avenues to get support. Please ensure they can answer questions, direct users towards the right resources, handle conflicts and keep track of mentions.

A quick guide of the most commonly asked questions is also helpful. This will allow managers to spend more time on complex customer service tasks.


Help your customers quickly navigate your account. Your goal should be to provide customer service. You can do this by putting the details your customers require in your account’s story highlights.

Customers can easily access your profile to view reviews, testimonials, product pricing, and user-generated content. They can also shop directly from their account. Comprar seguidores Instagram portugal TurnTo allows brands to create Shoppable Instagram widgets to link social proof and shopping.

For specific issues, use direct messaging

It is beneficial to your profile stats and promotion. You can also transfer communication from comments into direct messages (DMs). This will allow you to provide personalized service and protect your customers’ data. It’s also easier to communicate with your customers via DMs than through Instagram.

Revel Nail uses comprarseguidoresportugal TurnTo for content management. It also takes advantage of comments and DMs to answer frequently asked questions. The brand responds to a question by posting a helpful blurb.

Track Mentions

Many users don’t necessarily follow the brand’s profile, even if they wish to leave reviews about it. Social media users might post their UGCs about your brand and product instead of commenting on posts via text, stories, or static posts. A social listening tool can help you find ways to improve customer service or reward loyal customers.

TurnTo allows brands to collect this content automatically to reuse it on other marketing channels. Turn on Notifications Fast customer service is possible by switching on notifications.

Today, no one waits for technical support to respond to a request. Clients might choose to go with your competitor if they don’t get a response quickly.

You can also set up notifications for other accounts. This will allow you to be notified immediately when brand ambassadors, ambassadors, or influencers post.

People who use Instagram love to get quick feedback. You can respond quickly to customer inquiries, communicate with potential clients, get their opinions about your product, direct them towards the proper channels and resources.

And reach a wider audience using Instagram. You must ensure that your page is well-designed and contains valuable information to help visitors.


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