OnPassive is an IT company with the sole purpose of creating a complete business solution. They strive to bring innovation, deliver value and maximize the business potential of their customers. What do you need to know about the company? Read on to find out. Also, read the review below for a complete understanding of the company’s compensation plan. Is https://onpassivebusiness.com a pyramid scheme? Or is it an honest business opportunity?

OnPassive is a business platform

OnPassive is a business platform that provides continuous customer service. OnPassive uses a cognitive knowledge base to answer customer queries. This allows a company to cut down on human errors in communication. Companies must be determined to serve the highest quality of services. Customers are increasingly demanding better service solutions, and businesses must adapt new methods to provide the highest level of quality. Once a customer has purchased a product or service, they expect the company to provide a high level of capability.

It offers products and services

Onpassive Business is an online business opportunity that uses automated advertising to generate sales. The company offers a variety of products and services to help businesses grow. Its products and services appeal to everyone, from small to large enterprises. Its products have been used to help high schools and universities grow, as well as governments and military. The company’s goal is to make online business safe and easy, while providing its members with communication tools and technical know-how.

It has a compensation plan

Onpassive is a new business opportunity that launched in the year 2018. The company is committed to providing smart business solutions and has an online presence in more than 216 countries. The company is headquartered in Orlando, USA, but has offices in India. It is planning to launch about 50-60 digital products and services, including liquid hosting, webinar platforms, and domain names. The founder of the company, Ash Mufareh, is the person behind the ONPASSIVE business website.

It is a pyramid scheme

OnPassive, also known as GoFounders, is a multi-level marketing company that is using artificial intelligence to increase its profitability. It was founded in 2018 and is still in its pre-launch stage. While it looks legit, this is no different from a pyramid scheme. The reason OnPassive is a pyramid scheme is because it offers affiliate membership and there’s no product to sell. Moreover, the compensation plan is vague and has no detail regarding the business.

It uses artificial intelligence

ONPASSIVE uses artificial intelligence to automate customer interactions. AI can be trained to recognize patterns in customer data and respond to queries automatically. This technology can help companies improve customer service, increase customer loyalty and increase brand reputation. It can be used to help with everything from claims handling to real-time service. These are just a few of the ways that ONPASSIVE uses artificial intelligence to improve businesses. It has already made an impact in several industries.

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