Role-playing is a special type of game that requires more attention to detail than any other type of game. When the automatic version of the category starts There are many money-hungry companies that decide to expand into the genre without trying to understand the key elements of role-playing games. In some cases, these companies have the audacity to buy smaller companies that know this genre. Ruining the rich legacy of great traditional games. Do you know wat is metaverse click here for details.

Because it could affect the future of automated role-playing games. I think it’s important to train these gaming giants to help them understand one thing that’s important to them. in role-playing game sales You must have an audience that is willing to buy the product. What if a company consistently publishes dodgy shooters under the guise of obvious role-playing games? They will only ruin their reputation and go bankrupt. I know bankruptcy is what these money hungry companies know. So I emphasize one point: try to sell your dodgy shooter to RPG fans and you will go bankrupt!

personally I’ve been an RPG gamer for about 30 years and fell in love with just two systems that I can’t name because of the writing style. What I can say is that very few game makers come close to having a pen-and-paper version of the best role-playing game on the market. that’s a game that people really like to play. I will say that I am very happy that role-playing games have become automated. Because it means I can role-play without looking for someone with the same taste. And although some games have grown into great role-playing games. Unfortunately, there are very few of those, as far as the role-playing style that consists of pen and paper is concerned. computer game and online games There is only one type that can meet the full needs of the role player. And the reason I will reveal later.

Okay, so what are the elements of a great role-playing game? I’ll give you one by one. But the single most important piece of advice to keep in mind throughout this conversation is immersion. To be a really great role-playing game The game should grab the attention of the player and should not be a distraction that takes the player back to the real world. Players must be kept in a fantasy world if they want to experience a great role-playing game.

One of the most important elements of immersion is the storyline. A really believable and gripping storyline. RPG players don’t want to load the latest games. and with a shock They discover that the plot consists of the faint idea that they must kill many things in order to gain enough experience to kill an obvious villain. Who wants to play a game where bad people call bad guys for no good reason? Have you ever played a game where you were part of a group of people and you were chosen to beat another group of people? But isn’t there any real evidence to show why other groups are bad? The worst is the latest gangster game in which a crime syndicate wants to beat another crime syndicate and you are a murderer. Who is really stupid to fall in love with such a terrible story? Definitely not for the savvy RPG players.

A good storyline should not be a superficial excuse for war. And it has to be something you want to be a part of. The storyline must be integrated into the gameplay and presented in a way that does not interrupt the reality of the gameplay. There’s nothing worse than a huge cutscene in the middle of the game and making you sit still. longer than a minute or two For role-playing gamers Immersion in the game comes by being a character. Not by watching cutscenes as if you were watching television. Now what… advertising?

Another part of the great gaming experience is realizing that you are part of the fictional world from birth. This is conveyed by knowing where things are in the world and knowing who the current leader is along with current events. This can be done cleverly by entering snippets naturally during dialogue with non-player characters. Some extremely important information can be revealed in meaningless conversations. Like the world you’re drowning in now

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