The conversational commerce app Shopster by Easyrewardz was created to help boost store sales in the new normal. It provides shoppers with the ability to shop from home, book appointments, make secure contactless payments, and receive digital receipts. Moreover, it is completely customizable to the needs of every business. Many brands are implementing the app in their stores. It is easy to use and enables businesses to customize the experience for their customers.

The Shopster app is a Conversational Commerce toolkit that helps brands personalize their conversations to increase ROI, build brand affinity, and provide the best customer service. The app also provides a secure and convenient sales channel. It has been developed to help companies of all sizes engage customers on WhatsApp and receive payments digitally. The app can even send receipts to customers through WhatsApp. The chatbot helps businesses engage with customers and encourage them to spend more money.

Its innovative features help companies increase their ROI and sales by allowing customers to schedule store visits through messaging apps. This conversational commerce app facilitates sales through WhatsApp, accepts digital payments, and schedules store visits. Its unique approach to conversational commerce has made it the preferred chatbot for many businesses. It has helped them gain back lost customers and build meaningful engagement. Using this app can even boost in-store sales.

By leveraging the power of conversational commerce, brands can reach new customers, enhance their ROI, and deliver the best customer service. While interacting with customers through chatbots, businesses can also use Shopster by Easyrewardz to receive payments digitally. Its mobile payment option is convenient and helps customers pay in digitally. The platform is easy to use, which makes it a perfect choice for a small- or medium-sized business.

The company’s unique technology enables businesses to interact with customers via WhatsApp. Users can chat with brands and redeem points for rewards and get points in exchange for purchases. Additionally, Shopster by Easyrewardz allows companies to receive payments and receive receipts digitally. By leveraging the power of conversational commerce, brands can enhance customer loyalty and sales. This is a key aspect of successful conversational commerce. So, why not take advantage of this innovative technology?

With a conversational commerce app, businesses can personalize conversations and improve brand loyalty. Moreover, the app can be used to schedule store visits and accept digital payments. With the help of Shopster by Easyrewardz, companies can also offer coupons and other types of discounts. With this chatbot, customers can earn and redeem reward points from their favorite brands. As a result, the app allows businesses to increase ROI and customer loyalty.

The conversational commerce app enables businesses to personalize conversations and boost sales. It helps businesses build brand affinity and increase ROI by leveraging WhatsApp. It also helps companies accept payments digitally and send receipts. Besides, the app also helps brands engage with customers over WhatsApp. This is a valuable tool for business owners as it allows them to receive payment and reward points without the need for physical receipts. Retailers will find that the platform offers a richer experience for their customers.

Shopster by Easyrewardz is a powerful conversational commerce solution. Its chatbot allows brands to personalize their conversations and build brand affinity with customers. It also allows customers to make payments digitally and send receipts. This solution is a great way to enhance brand loyalty. In addition to enabling a conversational commerce platform, Shopster by Easerewardz helps a brand connect with its consumers.

The application is a conversational commerce toolkit that helps businesses personalize conversations and increase sales. Using it, companies can offer rewards to customers via SMS, and WhatsApp. In addition to this, they can accept digital payments, schedule store visits, and track customer loyalty. With this, they can also increase revenue. Among other benefits of Shopster by Easyrewardz, the toolkit is easy-to-use and can be implemented in any business.

The survey involved 40+ leading retail brands. Different solutions were explored in the survey. Yellow Messenger and Capillary Store2Door were the two solutions that were probed. The results of the survey showed that most retail brands have expanded their digital initiatives by moving to online stores. The new normal for Indian retailers is to provide customers with safe, secure environments inside and outside the store. For this purpose, they use Conversational Commerce and other technologies to create a more frictionless customer journey.

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