Colleges should be consistent about mental help:

In the era of advancement, academic stress has become the potential factor for the individual to suffer from mental health and its challenges. It is the leading factor that impacts the student’s overall academic performance, and colleges are where individuals are concerned about managing and maintaining their future goals and require academic guidance. However, the immense academic pressure and career guidelines set by society and colleges make the life of people hard, and they have to work and study for extra hours to reach certain academic goals. Academic lineage puts children in the acute pressure zone that is making the life of students hectic and miserable, and the dropout rates are increasing due to this factor. The colleges are losing their credibility because of decreased enrollments, graduates, and academic layout.  

Impact on academic performance:

Students suffering from mental health crises become vulnerable to academic pressure, and they remain unable to focus on their set goals and perform well in academics; it is the fact that children who are not able to perform well in academics tend to fail that grade which is depressing. Such things cause students to think of themselves as not being able to perform exceptionally well, complete their assignments on time, and maintain a remarkable academic performance overall. However, colleges should be keen on understanding these circumstances and set up advanced mental help services so young minds can seek help and focus on their career and academic goals.  

Should be supportive:

It is most likely that a student does not get the necessary guidance to motivate them to learn. In such situations, colleges should act wisely and provide students with the necessary aid. To make students work with proper concentration and enthusiasm, it is the college’s responsibility to provide them with mental assistance to make them perform according to academic standards. Colleges should take the initiative that they support students’ mental well-being and are determined to make things work in progress and to make education easier for the students and capable of understanding without putting the young minds under pressure.    

The students can always seek online solutions to make their lives easier and time-saving without destroying their mental peace. It is the benefit in this digitalized world that how people are getting their assignments and exams done by paying to such sites that are providing services such as to pay someone to take my online class, making your life simpler and down the academic pressure as it has become a new norm for the college students to get external help with their classes, assignments, and exams.  

Prevention from Suicide:

Studies have found that students in the past years have attempted suicide because of being mentally disturbed and stressed due to academic pressure and the imbalance in life. However, people should consider that such situations respond to impulsive behaviour when no external help is available. Colleges should acknowledge this and try to make the learning environment helpful. If a student faces any mental health challenges, then the academic institutes should be the first to deal with them. Colleges could do it in many ways. A room allocated for mental health consultation would be a better option. Colleges should also conduct seminars to make students aware of how their mental health is important for their academic performance and how the specific college provides them with the best facilities.  

Retention Increases:

With massive research, it has been found that with advanced mental health assistance, the dropout ratio has decreased, and the people have a positive outcome of this as they want a healthy and lively atmosphere to focus properly. However, retention has increased, and people are motivated to study because of the positive environment they provide from the comfort of their homes or schools. These online websites have made it easy for students to narrow their academic stress. 

The hybrid system of education is a new way that young minds are seeking the fortune to manage the work stress as a person from the comfort of his home can available the opportunity to take my online class, which is reasonable for a person to have the full liability to work accordingly and to manage things easily.   

How can colleges maintain the atmosphere to promote mental health?

The colleges are like a second home as the individuals spend most of their time in the institutes working hard for their future. In this cosmopolitan world, diversity is required in the system so that problem-solving actions can be taken into account, making the life of individuals easier. Colleges were introducing different measures to secure the future of the young minds; wisely, colleges should take initiatives in promoting mental health advisories so institutes can take multiple approaches into account.

Colleges can opt for different measures such as:

Conducting seminars:

It is necessary to create awareness among the people; this topic of mental health is important and cannot be neglected. Teachers should create a bond with students through which they can seek support and assistance without anxiety and second thoughts. 

Facilitating mental health campaigns:

Campaigns have always been the best way to meet strategic ends as campaigns will help teach students why they suffer from mental health and the best strategies they could use to eliminate mental stress and focus on important goals. 

Providing on-campus and off-campus assistance:

Assistance must be available on a top priority basis, and the students are given access to the on-campus and off-campus measures to deal with mental health. Psychologists can provide the best solution, make things positive, and handle the situation with thoughtfulness. 

Not burdening students with a total workload: The least a college can do is not burden the children with tons of workload, including uncountable assignments, quizzes, examinations, presentations, and whatnot. The academic institutions must revise their policies on the grading of the individuals so that colleges’ initiatives can protect the mental health of the children and they can easily work on other aspects and skills, leading them to explore the better opportunity for themselves rather than focusing on the rat race.

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