It can be scary to hand over your smartphone to a cell phone repair store in Idaho. You might be questioning a lot of things. “Can the repair expert access your bank information”? “Will  they have access to your tax records?”  “And what about your personal information?”

Take all required steps to protect personal data and files before handing your smartphone to somebody else the next time it has a cracked screen or a dying battery. This entails that your gadget is still functional since if you can’t get your smartphone to switch on, you can find yourself in a tough situation.

You should take some safety measures before giving the smart phone repair shop your device.

Steps to Follow Before Sending Your Phone to a Cell Phone Repair Shop in Idaho

The user must initiate a safe repair procedure by making the first move. Make sure that all the essential steps are completed on your side before entrusting another person with your smartphone.

Make a Backup

Backup the data on your smartphone to a cloud storage. Data like your contacts, images, videos, applications, and more can be easily protected by online cloud storage services like Apple and Android, like Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud.

You can also move all your files to your laptop as an additional backup if you’d like.

Perform a Factory Reset

Done with creating backups? Now you can start removing data from your phone that you wouldn’t wish others to see, or you may completely wipe it clean. Go to settings and perform a factory reset on your phone. You might also be able to fix any issues you were having by doing this.

Take your SIM Card Out

Even though it might seem basic, it needs to be mentioned. The SIM ejection tool should be kept nearby at all times, just in case. Your current SIM card can be used on an Android smartphone even if you switch from an Apple phone. (Or the opposite). Before you hand your phone to the cell phone repair specialist, make sure it is SIM-card-free.

Switch Off Security Locks

Disable any security locks that require a Password, a pattern, or a fingerprint to work. This will make it easier for the technicians repairing your smartphone to test the device’s performance after they believe they have repaired it.

Here’s how to do so:

For Android Devices

Open Settings -> Security & lock screen -> Lock screen to disable security locks.

For Apple iOS

Select Touch ID & Passcode from the Settings menu.

On devices without Touch ID, click Settings -> Passcode.

Using an iPhone X? Go to Settings, Face ID & Passcode.

Delete Your Social Media Accounts

Is everything mentioned above a bit too much? At the very least,  be careful you sign out of each social media account.

These include: 

  • Google and iCloud.
  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat (apps that include email addresses or phone numbers)
  • Banking applications.
  • Work applications. (Slack, Google Meet, and Zoom)

If you can, use a password manager to keep your credentials safe.

Remember Your Phone’s IMEI

To prevent misplacing the device, it makes sense to note down your cell phone’s IMEI number, which is a distinct fifteen-digit series of numbers. As a result, you may easily recognize your smartphone with its IMEI number if it was unintentionally given to someone else with the same manufacturer, model, and color as your cellphone, and you got theirs instead.

Looking for a Cell Phone Repair Store in Idaho?

Do you have a broken cell phone and live in Idaho? Have you completed all of the steps mentioned above? Finding a reputable and reliable cell phone repair shop in Idaho is next!  You are luckily surrounded by many trustworthy shops like FIXITPRO, which has many highly trained and experienced technicians who will quickly solve any of your tech issues. Your phone would function like a brand-new one!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Cell Phone Repair store access my data?

The technician does not need to access your data. They might need to unlock the device to determine whether the problem has been resolved. However, they still need your consent to do so. Furthermore, there is no reason to worry if you’ve already done a factory reset.

Is it Important to Create Backups Before Repairs?

You must stick to the safe side. Always keep a backup of everything on your smartphone before handing it to anyone else, even if it’s just for screen repairs.

How much does repairing a phone cost?

A basic repair should cost about $49, while a more complicated one could cost $100 or even more. For the ease of receiving your smartphone back quicker, urgent repairs or speedy delivery services might result in considerable price increases

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