Are you satisfied with your current energy provider? If not, you need to search and switch to a better provider. Stay tuned to learn the switching process.

These Aussies have plenty of valid reasons to switch energy providers. The current plan or retailer may charge you more than you realize. Therefore, switching is a good option when you are unsatisfied with the current energy plan and customer service. While there are many reasons behind switching intentions, you all should be familiar with moving home electricity, gas, and internet connection.

Some people may find it confusing to switch to a new energy provider. This article will help you through the process step by step. Online comparison services like Cheapbills simplify this process of switching. You can avail these services or not down the following steps:

Step# 1

Consider your current plan’s exit fee:

First thing first, review your current energy plan. Your current retailer might be breaking away the charges bit by bit. So, make sure your exit fee is, then switch to a new energy plan. Also, review your contract so as not to miss any information.

Step# 2

Figure out your energy needs:

Understanding your users is essential in the process. So, figure out your energy needs and think about your electricity and gas consumption. Then select the best deal for you.

Step# 3

Compare your options:

Now that you are sure about switching energy retailers start looking for a better plan. Compare your options based on the package, customer service, and usage. Moreover, consider the discounts and other incentives that come with the deal.

Step# 4

Switch energy provider:

Use any free comparison tool and choose your preferred energy retailer in your vicinity. If you are moving home, first establish the electricity and gas connection there and switch energy providers.

Step# 5

Get notification from your new provider:

As soon as you select your new provider and apply for the service, you will get a notification from them. They will notify at let 2 to 3 days before the switch. First, you wind up your last bill from the previous provider and get your account details for the new one. It usually happens when you are moving home electricity or internet connection.

Step# 6

Take a meter reading on the switching day:

This step is vital to ensure a smooth switch. Take a final meter reading on the switching day. Your old provider will carry your bill based on the final meter reading. However, this process won’t take that long.

Step# 7

Receive a welcome package from your new provider:

You will get your new account details from your new provider through mail or online notification.

Step# 8

Get some introductory features:

Talking about the welcome package, you may get special features through your new energy provider. They might give an introductory discount. Also, look up any customer program.


Keep tracking your new energy plan:

Do not just get and forget your new energy plan. Always compare your current plan with the better ones in your area.

Summing up:

If you have decided to switch energy providers in Australia, this post will take you step-by-step through the process. Start by reviewing your current plan’s exit fee. Clear your bills with the previous provider. Figure out your energy needs and compare options in your area. Follow up with the final meter reading and get a notification from your new provider. Receive your new account information and get a better deal.

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