In Black Ops 3 Origins, the most powerful weapons are not necessarily the most effective. Many of them are overpowered. But, they are also part of the Easter Egg steps. These include the Staffs, which you use to free Samantha and earn the final Easter Egg. In addition, there are the Elemental Staffs, which depict the classical elements.


In Black Ops 3 Origins, the Wunderwaffe is an excellent weapon that allows you to kill an entire horde of zombies. It utilizes electricity to zap zombies and electrocute them, killing as many as 10 in a single shot. The downside of the Wunderwaffe is that it has a small ammo pool and a heavy recoil. However, it is an excellent weapon if you are outnumbered and surrounded by a zombie horde.

The Wunderwaffe is a reskin of the Prophet’s Tempest Specialist Weapon. This weapon is Difficult but Awesome, requiring headshots to unleash its full potential. Initially, the Wunderwaffe was released alongside the Ray Gun, which was extremely powerful. Since then, Treyarch has refined this weapon, making it a one-hit kill machine almost every time.

Mark 2 Ray Gun

The Ray Gun is one of the most potent weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops III: Origins, and the Mark 2 Ray Gun is even better. The Mark 2 has more firepower than its predecessor and is much faster reloading. It also boasts headshot multipliers. However, this weapon has a few drawbacks.

The Mark 2 Ray Gun is a unique weapon with a unique design. Its appearance is similar to that of the Treyarch logo, with three lines inside the sight. In addition, the Mark 2 Ray Gun has a different firepower level and damage field. This weapon is only available in the Buried and Borough maps and will no longer be available in other maps.

In addition to the Mark 2 Ray Gun, other weapons in the game are also mighty. In early rounds, it gives 50 points per kill. You can also buy Olympia ammo to get more perma-perks. However, the Mark 2 Ray Gun will only be available to you if you are online.


If you are a new player to the Black Ops series, you might wonder what the best weapon in the game is. This article will give you an idea of the best weapons and what to expect when you play the game. The PPSH is one of the most potent weapons in the game. Its rate of fire is phenomenal, and it can dispatch hordes of zombies. It also has a high damage output. This is one of the best weapons for swarms of zombies, and you’ll want to be prepared with a lot of ammo.

Another weapon in the game is the L-CAR 9, a futuristic machine pistol based on the VBR-Belgium PDW. It’s a fully automatic machine pistol available in Zombies and Campaign modes. It also looks like the multiplayer specialist weapon known as the Scythe. There’s also a mounted version of this weapon in the Rise and Fall campaign level, which can act as a remote-controlled sentry gun.

Ice staff code

To make the Ice Staff code, you need to collect three parts. First, you need a colored disc. You can get these parts by digging up rubble piles in the game world. The second part you need is a gramophone. The last part is a blue disc that you can find inside the building next to the Generator 2 building. Once you have found all three parts, you can use your new weapon.

The Ice Staff is one of the most potent weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins. Its power is based on souls. To obtain it, you must kill at least 20 zombies in a specific area. Once you have collected enough souls, Samantha will tell you that you can use the Ice Staff. Once you have it, Samantha will explain what the “power of ice” means to her.


The KN-44 is a high-power assault rifle that was added to Black Ops 3 Origins in Season 9. This gun features low recoil, a reasonable rate of fire, and low damage compared to other assault rifles. This weapon was available as ground loot in Season 9 and Season 10 as Epic and Uncommon blueprints, but it was removed in Season 13. The KN-44 features a brown-like stock and grip and a metallic-black magazine. It is one of the most potent weapons in the game, and it’s great for killing zombies and racking up points.

The KN-44 is the most potent weapon available in Black Ops 3 Origins, and its fire rate is fast and controllable. While it lacks the power of the Thundergun, it can deal significant damage, especially if you hit your opponents with headshots. It’s quick to reload and has dual-mags, so it’s great for aggressive players.

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