Regardless of their level of expertise, smartphone users always want more battery life. Without replacement lithium-ion cells, our phones’ lithium-ion cells will age and degrade, making it more difficult to get the most out of their battery life.

You may have noticed that your phone’s battery no longer lasts as long as it did when you first bought it two or three years ago. Several smartphones still struggle to last the entire day on a single charge three years after their introduction. If you keep a phone for an extended period, you may jeopardise system stability.

With these top battery care methods by madison phone repair and accessories store, you can significantly extend the life of your smartphone’s battery.

Avoid excessive temperatures in general, especially when charging.

The most common cause of a phone overheating in the summer is leaving it in the sun for too long, whether on a beach towel, the dashboard of a car, or just about anything directly under the hot sun. The problem will only worsen if your phone charges under any of these conditions. To cover or keep it in the shade, use a bright material reflecting less solar heat.

It’s a common internet myth that putting your phone in the freezer will extend the battery’s life. In reality, charging your phone in icy conditions can permanently damage the battery.

A phone’s charging range should be between 20 and 80 per cent.

It only makes sense to charge your phone to 100% whenever possible to get the most out of it until the next charge. Furthermore, unlike traditional acid batteries, we do not recommend completely discharging your phone before recharging it. If this happens, the lithium-ion battery may be damaged.

Connecting your phone’s battery at about 20% and charging it up to 80 to 90% is the best way to keep it in good working order. Fast charging is less effective when charging from 80% to 100% because heat is produced from 0% to 80%.

However, if the battery is overcharged, it will not be harmed. Phones today are expected to have built-in battery-saving features, such as turning off the device before it reaches 0% charge, stopping charging when the battery is nearly full, and more frequently alerting the user and turning off when the device becomes too hot.

Use quick charging only when necessary, and avoid cheap chargers.

Counterfeit chargers endanger both the phone and the user. Because the components are inadequately insulated, there is a high risk of a short circuit and a fire, especially in moist environments like bathrooms. The use of inferior wires is also prohibited.

If you want to keep your phone for an extended period, use rapid charging with caution. The convenience of having your phone fully charged in 30 minutes has a cost. According to the Madison phone repair and accessory shop, speeding up a chemical process generates more heat, which reduces the battery’s lifespan.


To keep your phone from overheating, we recommend that it be taken out of its case and placed in a well-ventilated area, ideally outside its case.

You may also get your hands on a smart charger, which will switch off when the battery reaches a set charge percentage. You may also disconnect your phone if you wake up in the middle of the night.

We hope you’ve better understood the best practices by madison phone repair and accessories store for charging your phone to preserve its life. Using what you’ve learned here can help you get the most out of your phone’s battery and extend its lifespan!

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