The covid-19 pandemic forced businesses and organizations to shift from on-site conferences or meetings to online conferences or meetings. In this digital world, hybrid events are becoming the most famous and useful option for event organizers and businesses. Hybrid events offer an opportunity to expand the audience base and grow the business.

This kind of event mixes online and offline components. The beauty of hybrid events is that they provide the opportunity for deep social engagement while being highly accessible. Every component of a hybrid event, whether it be physical or virtual, is specially created and tailored for each audience to encourage engagement and exploration. The high-touch VIP experience that helps you generate leads is provided to the audience of your in-person event. On the other side, your virtual audience may effortlessly explore your content from the comfort of their own homes and create new connections.

Because hybrid events lack the requisite capabilities, planning, interactive tools, and features, most marketers and event organizers frequently fail to engage guests before and after events. If you are new to hosting a hybrid event, please check the following recommendation. It will help you to make your hybrid event more interesting and boost your participation in your event.

6 ways to maximize participation at your hybrid event

Encourage voting through live polls

By introducing live polls in your hybrid event, you can encourage your audience to provide input and boost participation in the event. Additionally, it’s the simplest technique to learn what your attendees believe about your business, merchandise, and company. You can share several surveys regarding the event or about anything in particular that occurred during the event while you are managing a hybrid event. The participants can express their thoughts, assess the online event, and offer any feedback they may have. You can plan the next event to be bigger and better by having a better understanding of what your audience thought of your last event.

Conduct Q&A session

You can hold a Q&A session to improve engagement between the speaker and the audience. Your audience can learn more about the topic in this session. In your Q&A session, giving insightful responses will engage your audience, further showcase your subject matter expertise, and make sure that you leave a lasting impression. Encourage your audience to be innovative and reward them with a prize if the Q&A went well.

Leverage gamification

Gamification is a proven method for increasing participation in your hybrid event and adds a competitive but enjoyable element to your events. Many event planners include game-like elements in their hybrid events to enhance the attendance experience and reach the goal. You can include different activities, for instance, incorporating a point system, contests, rewards, or activities that require participants to solve problems. Gamification actively engages participants in the hybrid event. It creates new possibilities for partner and sponsor brand activation.


The event business is beginning to place an emphasis on networking. Platforms for interactive hybrid events are already a crucial resource for speakers, planners, and attendees everywhere. Additionally, if you activate a networking option, your visitors can build profiles, schedule meetings, and exchange ideas.

During the interval, people can communicate with one another in real life. Utilize the advantages of the hybrid events platform to organize virtual hangouts for people who will only be online virtually. By offering a networking opportunity, you may improve the interaction and engagement of your hybrid conference.

Breakout session

During breakout sessions, participants may gather in smaller groups to discuss particular event points. They can be made digitally and physically with the aid of a virtual event platform. Participant matching allows you to ensure compatibility throughout both online and physical breakout sessions by matching people with similar interests. Remote attendees can access their own private video chat room. Try to plan numerous breakout sessions throughout a presentation to improve virtual involvement activities.

Use a hybrid event platform

When it comes to maximizing the participation and engagement rate, high-quality hybrid event platform and hybrid event live streaming services can help you. A hybrid event platform includes a wide range of interactive features and tools that can encourage your audience to participate in your event. There are different reasons to consider a hybrid event platform and some of them are given below:

  • You can manage all the details involved in arranging and planning an event by using hybrid event software.
  • It can assist you in being organized and on schedule both before and during the event.
  • Making invitations and managing RSVPs are simple.
  • Once the event is in process, it is simple to make modifications and updates.
  • It enables you to design a more successful post-event follow-up campaign, improving the experience of your attendees.
  • It enables you to inform participants of any last-minute changes or cancellations by sending them follow-up emails and reminders.
  • Directly from your mobile device, you may use it to upload images, videos, and other types of media.
  • It offers a central location to keep all of your significant event documents and data.
  • After the event, you may use it to create reports outlining who came, what was provided, etc.
  • It can assist you in using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to promote your event.
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