A microwave oven radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation which are simple waves of the combined energy of electricity and magnetic forces that move together through a dignified space. These radiations span over a broad spectrum of energy from very long to very short rays in which only a small portion of this spectrum is visible to human eyes, which is called visible light. Perhaps, this microwave energy is commonly used in microwave ovens along with its three characteristics that allow the oven to cook. Additionally, this microwave energy can be reflected by metal but can pass through materials like glass, paper, plastic, and similar other materials that can hence get absorbed by the food.


● First comes the oven, a metal box, when started for cooking, it generates power from the microwave generator as a magnetron present in it, that consumes or takes the electricity from its power outlet which then gets converted into a high radio powered wave of about 12 cm or 4.7 inches.

● Secondly, these magnetrons form a wave guide channel while making the microwave blasts into the food compartment which results in making this channel through it.

● Thirdly, as the food should be kept on the turntable, it will make it spin slowly and in circular motion making the microwave cook the food evenly.

● Fourthly, now these generated microwave bounces back and forth while reflecting off on the metal walls of the food compartment like that 9f light which bounces off on a mirror.

● Next these microwaves do not only bounce off but get penetrated inside the food itself while making the water molecules present inside the food vibrate quickly.

● Thus these vibrating molecules have heat present inside them. So the faster they vibrate, more heat get generated, resulting in making the food hotter. Well, the microwaves pass in their energies to the molecules in the food that helps in heating up the food rapidly.

Hence, microwave ovens have forms of radiation that simultaneously makes and excites while the water molecules present in the food starts to vibrate, though that makes the cooking process fast and even while comparatively cooked in other ways. Mostly, this procedure of cooking also depends on the ingredient the food is made of. As for instance, if the food you kept inside the microwave has more liquid content on the inner portion of it, will cause that liquid content to vibrate and heat up more than the outer content of the food that has less liquid content hence less liquid molecules will start vibrating which thus will make the inner side of the food hotter than the outer side. You should be careful while consuming such food ingredients.


All these points have been made for you to know about microwave ovens and the radiations it generates. Microwave cooking is although efficient with non-conventional energies and forces than the conventional powers which make the food cook fast while making it heated up by the energy. It consists of lots of safety measures which should be followed or kept in mind from every aspect to avoid unwanted damages and accidents. You should also know the exact procedure of the control panel while studying the user manual thoroughly to have the easiest and best cooking experiences. You can refer for some recommendations from the 4 best microwave ovens in India.


  1. Are microwave ovens safe for daily use?

Absolutely but only if the safety precautions are maintained properly.

  1. Do they cause accidents or damages?

Yes, they might but you can avoid this situation if you maintain and follow the instructions properly while avoiding overheating and maintaining the safety features.

  1. Do they reduce nutritional values in the food?

Not at all. In fact, they help in keeping the vitamins and minerals intact more effectively.

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