CBD vape pens have become common in convenience stores around the world. That’s mainly due to the growing legalization of both CBD and vape devices worldwide. But if you’re new to the concept of CBD vaping, you could be wondering why CBD vape pens are all the rage. Well, we’re here to explain why. In this article, we shall uncover the reasons behind the growing popularity of CBD vape pens. First, let’s begin by familiarizing ourselves with the two terms.  

What Is CBD? 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a substance in cannabis widely touted for its incredible healing properties.  

CBD has demonstrated a potential for treating various common ailments, ranging from pain and inflammation to anxiety, insomnia, erectile dysfunction (ED), seizures, nausea, etc.  

Cannabidiol is often compared to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), another popular compound derived from marijuana. Both CBD and THC boast immense health benefits. However, THC contains additional mind-altering properties, while CBD does not.  

What Are Vape Pens? 

Vape devices have evolved tremendously since Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik invented the first modern vaporizer slightly over two decades ago.  

First-generation electronic cigarettes are known as cigalikes. These devices are pretty simplistic in design and relatively affordable. And as the name implies, they were mainly intended to help smokers make a smooth transition to vaping. While cigalikes still exist, they have essentially given way to vape pens.  

Vape pens are more sophisticated than cigalikes yet still reasonably affordable compared to later-generation vaporizers, such as vape mods. They’re also the most common vaporizer types available out there.  

Now, vape pens are not the official entry-level vape devices (that title still goes to cigalikes). However, these gadgets are incredibly user-friendly. Their advanced features, such as temperature and airflow regulation, make them suitable for beginners and seasoned vapers alike.  

What Are CBD Vape Pens? 

The phrase ‘CBD vape pens’ is commonly used for vaporizers with a liquid cartridge pre-filled with cannabidiol-infused e-juice. But it can also denote any vape accessories designed for use with CBD. These include refillable vape cartridges, wax pens, and dry herb vaporizers.  

Since vape pens are the most popular vaporizers, it’s not surprising that there are multiple places where you can buy CBD vape pen. You only need to conduct your due diligence to establish the seller’s reputation. That includes finding out their duration in operation and the nature of feedback from their previous clients.  

Another best practice when shopping for CBD vape pens is to insist on hemp-derived and lab-tested products. Hemp-derived CBD tends to be low in the mind-altering THC. At the same time, lab-tested products usually include comprehensive reports indicating the concentration of cannabidiol and other ingredients in a product. 

Why Are CBD Vape Pens So Popular? 

1. CBD Vape Pens Are Fairly Abundant 

As we’ve already mentioned, vape pens are the most abundant vaporizer type. That’s because these devices offer the best of both worlds – the affordability of earlier-generation e-cigs like cigalikes and the sophistication of later-generation gadgets like vape mods. 

2. CBD Vape Pens Can Offer Several Health Benefits 

You can relieve a long list of medical conditions using CBD vape pens. Common ones include; 


Pain is arguably the most common ailment for which medical marijuana doctors often recommend cannabidiol. CBD treats pain by blocking the sensitivity of the vanilloid receptors, a class of endocannabinoid receptors involved in pain management. 


Pain and inflammation are usually inseparable. Fortunately, CBD vape pens may help treat both conditions. Cannabidiol’s anti-inflammatory properties are primarily attributable to the compound’s inhibitory effects on cytokine production. 


Feelings of nausea can easily mess up your mood and cause undue public embarrassment, both of which can be avoided by vaping cannabidiol. Studies have shown that CBD can mitigate nausea by improving the signaling of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates emotions and emetic feelings.  


Stress and anxiety are the most common mental problems you can treat by vaping cannabidiol. CBD produces anti-anxiety benefits by reducing sensitivity to the stress hormone cortisol. 


Sleep disorders like insomnia are among the many health problems you can treat using cannabidiol. CBD can relieve insomnia in various ways. The compound notably reduces sleep onset time and time taken at rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. 

There are many other medical conditions that CBD vape pens might help with, including seizures, ED, bipolar disorder, menopausal symptoms, etc. 

3. CBD Vape Pens Won’t Get You High 

Not only can the cannabidiol in CBD vape pens offer multiple therapeutic benefits. The compound is also non-psychoactive and won’t get you high.  

Cannabidiol’s non-psychoactive nature comes from the substance affecting CB2 receptors located further from the brain. That’s in contrast to THC, which binds to CB1 receptors found closer to the brain. 

4. CBD Vape Pens Have a Fast Onset Time 

There are several ways to take cannabidiol. But the main reason to consider vaping the compound is that it offers a fast onset time.  

CBD vape pens can take effect in as little as five minutes after taking the first puff. For comparison, edible products like CBD gummies may take as many as three hours to kick in.

5. CBD Vape Pens Are Safer Than Cigarettes 

Both vaping and smoking produce a speedy onset time compared to many other cannabidiol delivery methods. But when it comes to overall safety, the balance readily tilts in favor of vaping.  

The safety of CBD vape pens over smokable CBD products like hemp pre-rolls is that vaping doesn’t involve combustion or smoke production. Therefore, a CBD vape pen user is exposed to fewer toxins than a smoker. 

6. CBD Vape Pens Can Help Quit Smoking 

Not only are CBD vape pens safer than cannabis pre-rolls. Vape pens can offer a seamless transition from smoking to vaping.  

Note that vaping and smoking follow a more or less similar concept. Therefore, a chronic smoker can easily quit the cigarette and take to vaping without suffering severe withdrawal symptoms. 

7. CBD Vape Pens Are Increasingly Becoming Legal 

Cannabidiol remains illegal in many countries worldwide. And so are vape devices.  

However, the past few years have witnessed a tremendous increase in the number of jurisdictions legalizing CBD and vape pens. The expanding legal landscape has significantly increased CBD vape pen users worldwide. 


There are numerous factors behind the explosive popularity of CBD vape pens and many more reasons to consider integrating these devices into your lifestyle. As a parting shot, remember to use CBD vape pens sparingly. Note that both cannabidiol and vape devices can trigger adverse effects if overdosed.   

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