Bettas are beautiful fish, and they’re also quite intelligent. They can recognize their owners and can even be trained to perform tricks. That being said, keeping a betta isn’t always easy. These fish require special care because of their unique properties. Unlike other types of tropical fish, bettas are from the same family as the Asian Koi. This means that they have very specific eating habits and cannot be fed like any old tropical fish food. Keep reading for more information about why betta pellets or flakes are better for your betta.

What Are Betta Pellets?

Betta pellets are tiny little fish food flakes that closely resemble a small granule or pellet. While they are usually only eaten by bettas, other species enjoy pellets, too. Betta pellets can be found in both freshwater and saltwater feeds and will usually be labelled on the packaging.

What Are Betta Flakes?

Betta flakes are larger and chunkier than betta pellets. They closely resemble the flakes you would feed tropical fish. While betta pellets are meant to be eaten whole, betta flakes are usually broken up into smaller pieces by aquarium owners. This is because betta pellets are more suitable for bettas, and larger flakes aren’t digestible enough for the average betta.

Why Are Betta Pellets Better Than Flakes?

While betta flakes are a suitable betta food, betta pellets are better suited for bettas. Betta pellets are smaller than betta flakes and contain more calories. This makes them more suitable for a betta’s tiny mouth. They also don’t clump up in the water like betta flakes and can be eaten whole. Bettas are very picky eaters, so pellets are better for them because they don’t have to chew and break up the food.

How To Find The Best Betta Food?

If you’ve ever shopped for betta food, you know that it’s incredibly confusing. There are dozens of brands, and each one has its special formula. It can be challenging to find the right betta food, but you can narrow down your options by following these tips: 

– Start with these brands: There are tons of different brands of betta food. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to find the best betta food unless you narrow down your options. Start with these brands: Tetra, Wardley, Hikari, and Beta Foods. 

– Check the ingredients: Look at the ingredients. You want to find a food that has a high protein content, low-fat content, and no fillers. 

– Consider your betta’s age: Young bettas and pregnant bettas require different types of food than adult bettas. If you’re not sure which food to choose, you can find the food, especially for younger bettas or pregnant bettas.


Betta pellets are better than betta flakes because they’re more nutritious and they don’t contain any unnecessary additives. They’re also less messy, easier to digest, and contain a higher quality of protein. When choosing betta food, make sure to read the ingredients and select one that’s high in protein. And don’t forget to check the label to make sure it’s made for adult bettas.

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