The creation, as well as maintenance of land records is always a crucial duty of the Indian real estate sector. Almost every state, including West Bengal and Gujarat, keeps such records. So let’s see how this all works.

Firstly, let’s discuss in detail Bangarbhumi, West Bengal.

Banglarbhumi West Bengal is a website created by the government of West Bengal in order to track land records and make modifications. On the Banglarbhumi 2022 portal, you may check for information regarding land and property, such as the owner’s name, the size of the land, the plot number, the property’s value, etc.

What the Banglarbhumi 2022 land records site can achieve for you

The Banglarbhumi land and land reforms webpage makes purchasing and selling property in West Bengal easy. In addition to being able to search Banglarbhumi by name for West Bengal land records, there are a number of other advantages.

In West Bengal, there is no requirement for residents to attend a government office for land-related information.

The Banglarbhumi West Bengal webpage can be accessed from anywhere to obtain information on land and land reforms, including West Bengal khatian plot information by name. Searching West Bengal land records by name is a simple approach to getting what you require.

Banglarbhumi portal is where you can get all land and property information for the state, including West Bengal Khatian plot information by name.

Keep in mind that the Banglarbhumi land information portal is completely active and updated in real-time. It is accessible from any place in West Bengal, including the most isolated locations. This is also true while searching West Bengal land records by name.

The Banglarbhumi land details online help to maintain the transparency of land records in West Bengal.

The Banglarbhumi west Bengal land registry search by name facilitates the selling and buying of property.

Banglarbhumi allows you to check your Khatian name online and obtain information regarding your Khatian plot in West Bengal by name.

Those who wish to conduct business in West Bengal can utilize the Banglarbhumi land information portal to learn about the available infrastructure. They can also do a name-based West Bengal land registry search or a Khatian check on business-related plots.

People in West Bengal save time and money by utilizing the Bangarbhumi internet portal.

On the Banglarbhumi land information website, select the 2022 citizen service area, followed by the RS/LR choice on the following page.

On the Banglarbhumi west Bengal website, you can select the district, block, and mouza names.

On the Banglar bhumi website, you have the option of selecting between RS or LR.

Now click on the “Search on the Bangla bhumi website” post, entering the exact plot number.

Banglarbhumi West Bengal LR-RS plot-related information will be displayed on the screen.

Now let’s understand what is Anyror Gujarat and how does it assist?

AnyROR is the official website for Gujarat people to obtain online land records. It was published by the Gujarat Revenue Department on Gujarat E-Dhara. AnyRoR is an acronym for “Any Rights Records Anywhere in Gujarat.” The objective is to digitize all land records in Gujarat state. The online portal keeps track of all land-related information in Gujarat’s 225 talukas and 26 districts. This guarantees that all records are accurate. It also preserves the rights of landowners and reduces the likelihood of title fraud.

AnyRoR 7/12 Utara Gujarat

The 7/12 extract, also known as the 7/12 Utara extract, is a formal legal document intended to provide details on a parcel of property. This extract contains information about the survey number, as well as the total area, landowner’s name, and ownership history, among other things. The 7/12 extract is comprised of Form 7 and Form 12. Form 7 contains information regarding the landowner’s rights. Form 12 contains information regarding the land’s size, the type of land it is, and its previous uses. Each state’s government, including Gujarat’s, has established a ROR Portal where its citizens can view these records.

Anyror Gujarat Portal’s Pros

The Anyror Gujarat webpage has a lot of significant advantages, including:

Protects the rights of the land’s legitimate owner.

Provides easy access to housing loan

When purchasing or selling property, the deed is a crucial document.

Before purchasing a parcel of land, this tool assists buyers in verifying the property’s characteristics.

Digitalized evidence of ownership is an essential document for determining land ownership in the event of a dispute.

A good method that saves individuals time by eliminating the need to visit government offices in person.

Facilitates the acquisition of government-approved forms.

Digitally tracks and updates all land-related information.

How to Locate Gujarat 7/12 AnyRoR Rural Land Documents

Gujarat 7/12 Satbara Utara contains information about a property’s owner, the crops grown there, and the type of land it is. It also contains records of property transfers. Here are the processes for accessing land records using the Anyror Gujarat Government webpage.

Step 1: Navigate to the site at

Step two: click the “View Land Record – Rural” link on the page.

Step 3: Select “VF7 survey number details” to view 7/12 land records.

Step 4: Enter details like taluka, district,khata and village number.

Step 5: Enter the captcha code to access your property records.

How to Locate a 7/12 AnyRoR Urban Land Record in Gujarat?

Checking the 7/12 Land Record for AnyRoR Urban in Gujarat is simple. Simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to the AnyRoR Gujarat website.

Step 2: Locate “View Land Record – Urban” in the menu and click on it.

Thirdly, a drop-down menu will appear. Select “Know Khata by Owner Name” if you wish to identify the owner of a Khata.

Step 4: Choose the district, taluka, and village for information access.

Step 5: Ensure that the captcha code is entered properly.

Step 6: Click on the “Get Details” button. After completing these procedures correctly, the necessary information will appear on the screen.

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