In order to improve the performance of your business, shipping and delivery management software can streamline operations at all levels, including shipping, delivery, and logistics. This software enables delivery teams to manage task allocation, delivery sequence, routing, fleet tracking, live agent tracking, and customer interaction by managing tasks, delivery sequence, routing, and live agent tracking.

Also, drivers can get an idea of the amount of fuel consumed and the odometer reading, as well as any other expenses incurred during a trip. This will enable them to make a more accurate assessment of the efficiency of their deliveries. All these features and much more is gained by using the cash on delivery software. Moreover, most importantly you can predict the exact ROI even before the successful delivery. 

Full Delivery Automation:

Using an automated dispatch service makes it much easier to delegate tasks to agents. Tasks will be assigned to agents based on their availability, their priority, and their distance. It is not necessary for admins to schedule which tasks are to be delegated to which agents if they are using the Automatic dispatch service. These tasks can automatically be assigned without any prior planning. A lot of time would need to be spent by the admin if this task was to be performed manually.

Live Tracking:

Through the live map, customers can view information about the agents in real-time. As the agent will be notified in the event of a delay in their arrival, this will allow them to plan their day accordingly. If there are traffic problems or other unexpected problems, it is possible to find out the exact location of the agent through the tracking system. It is possible to maintain a positive relationship with the customer through this real-time tracking.

Exact ETA Calculations:

Present-day delivery management software provides ETAs and alerts on delays and delays so that the admin can provide customers with accurate information at every step, ensuring an appropriate and expected customer experience. Customer updates about delivery are available via SMS or email to customers.

One can get the exact ETAs, ETC, and ETDs using delivery management software as it keeps the minute track of the delivery riders. You can also identify the delays and predict the future timelines of the scheduled deliveries. Because it provides the geo-targeting features which are built in the delivery rider’s application displaying results on the BI dashboard.

Communicating With Customers:

While providing an amazing last-mile delivery experience, communication is crucial between the customer and the admin. Online chat features are included in delivery management software today so that customers can ask questions without requiring human assistance. 

Communicating with the customers can become smoother as you will be able to provide all the exact information in the query of the customer. Using cash on delivery software also gives you an edge to earn the trust of customers when being thorough.

Last-mile Delivery Optimizations:

There is an increase in the demand for same-day deliveries and customers’ expectations are extremely high. At present, the demand for last-mile operations is skyrocketing. By automating route planning and generating optimized routes in real-time, delivery management software reduces the overall delivery turnaround time. We will provide our agents with the shortest route which will result in the most deliveries.

Real-Time Data Analytics And Management

The admin will be able to get information about the business, including the use of resources, agent performance, delivery status, and so on, by using data and analytics management. Admins can maintain data without having to manually do anything with field service management software. Since OnTrack provides the API that can be integrated with all the third-party software and websites you can easily track the delivery operations through a business intelligence integrated dashboard.

Customer Feedback And Proof Of Delivery

The agent will receive an electronic delivery confirmation along with the customer’s e-signature once the product has been delivered. The admin can then determine whether the agent delivered the product to the right customer. The customer can also provide feedback regarding the delivery of the product or the performance of the agent. By going through the feedback, admins can strengthen customer relationships and make necessary improvements to the business. Customers provide valuable feedback about your services, which is very helpful to your business.

Final Words:

With delivery management software, you are able to minimize costs, time, and effort. Additionally, it provides a way to increase overall performance, the number of deliveries, and the rate of return on investment. A flexible software application that helps to ensure that products are delivered on time and according to deadlines. Through this application, the administrator will be able to make insight-driven business decisions. We provide ultimate services to enhance the overall performance of your business, with OnTrack being the industry’s leading software for tracking and managing last-mile deliveries.

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