I think there is no one in this world who does not love to travel, so it is necessary for travelers to familiarize themselves with the latest technology trends that help them in traveling the world. So if you are one who is associated with tour and travel or the hospitality domain, it becomes a must for you to look forward to adopting new trends with the tech-savvy audience.

It is a fact that 53 percent of people admitted that they prefer a mobile application when looking for suitable accommodation. People look for hotel rooms when they travel to other countries. Hotels provide their premises not only for the stay of tourists but also for business conferences, corporate and social events, overnight stays, etc.

With modernization, there are many large hotel chains and groups that allow users to reserve their room or table in a restaurant, with flight and train reservations, and offer tours and vacation packages. That’s why we decided to tell you about the features and costs required for hotel booking app development so that your tourist gets a chance to take advantage of your hospitality.

Must-Have Features in Hotel Booking App


This feature helps first-time users of your app to register their account in your app by either entering their names, phone numbers and email IDs.

User account

This feature contains basic information about users such as their name, email address, booking and transaction history, wish list, mobile number, etc.

Search bar

The search bar is an important feature that helps users find the right and specific information about the hotel and the amenities provided.

Booking and cancellation page

This is the core functionality of your hotel booking app, providing a simple-looking page that instantly allows the customer to book their space and room at the respective hotel. Not only the booking but also the easy cancellation of the ticket.

Payment gateway

A payment gateway is a significant feature of a hotel booking app because, with this app, your users will be able to make easy and hassle-free payments through the app. You can add some payment alternatives like internet banking, UPI, PayPal, debit card, etc. so that users can pay according to their choice.

Push notifications

The push notification feature helps you send instant numeric messages to a number of users who are registered with your app, offering new amenities, discounts, offers, and the start of any new service or app updates.

Geolocation device

The integration of geolocation services will help your customers get to the hotel in a quick time and by the shortest possible route from the point of arrival.

Reviews and ratings

This feature allows you to get ratings and reviews of your app from users who want to share their good or bad reviews about their experience with the hotel and its hospitality services.

Social media platforms

Nowadays, social media is an essential tool to get more leads and clients for any kind of business. You try to use social sharing where your users share videos and pictures about your hotel rooms and hospitality that help attract more people.

Taxi booking

A hotel booking app owner can add this feature to their app so that their customers who are staying at or arriving at your hotel can easily book a taxi to reach or leave your hotel or book a taxi to visit the city’s sights.

The estimated cost of hotel reservation application development

The cost estimate for developing a hotel booking app will basically depend on a number of parameters which are the platform you choose for your app, the features you include in the app, the technology stack required for your app, the location of the app development company, and the user interface. /UX design of the application can be the main factor that can easily affect the cost of developing the application. It is not possible to tell the exact cost of app development, but you will get an approximate idea of ​​app development. The estimated cost of hotel reservation app development is $8800-9700 or you can ask our sales team for more details.


The hotel and hospitality industry is changing its old and conventional methods and adopting a new and smarter digital way. A hotel booking app can be of great benefit to a hotel to skyrocket its business prospects and attract new potential customers. This digital enthusiasm is not only good for hotel businesses but also fruitful and time-saving for users. So if you are looking to build a hotel booking app, Moon Technolabs is the right choice for you to get the best experience.

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