A good desk booking software system will help employees quickly find the workspace they need and communicate with each other. It will also help employees execute team-specific goals. It will also track data related to space usage, seating practices and common employee complaints. Here are five features to look for in desk booking software. You can also consider adding employee feedback capabilities visit this website deskflex.com


Desk booking software is a great tool for companies that want to improve the way they manage space. Not only does it allow managers to control how much space employees are using, but it also makes it easy for employees to reserve their preferred desks. The application allows managers to define the number of desks that are available at a given time, and it limits how many employees can use the desks at one time. It also helps to reduce the amount of wasted space by creating a calendar with desk availability, and it helps to confirm who was where in the office with desk-check-in data. Moreover, this tool also exports reports for employees to access the information they need to plan their time.

Using desk booking software can improve your workplace’s productivity and reduce friction. It reduces conflict over which desk is available for an employee and eliminates wasted time looking for a quiet place. This helps improve the efficient use of space and ensures a high level of employee productivity.


DeskFlex desk booking software allows you to maximize the use of your office space by letting you book and reserve work stations, parking spaces, phones, and other equipment with just a few clicks. You can also set up block bookings, special rates, and events. DeskFlex also allows you to automate the return of unused equipment.

DeskFlex also helps you cut down on real estate costs, as it lets you manage desks efficiently. This allows you to reduce the amount of space you spend on real estate while increasing the value of your space. Your employees can reserve their desks and managers can monitor the use of their space.

DeskFlex desk booking software has helped organizations across the world secure their workspace and organize their teams. The COVID-compliant software suite can be used by local and global companies to manage their offices. This software helps businesses and organizations secure their workspaces and ensure the safety of their employees and customers.


The Ronspot desk booking software makes it easy to manage the flexible working requirements of your employees. It integrates with your Outlook calendar, allowing employees to book their desk in advance. From the admin panel, admins can monitor and manage hybrid employees. The system also allows you to create rules around bookings, such as social distancing and capacity limitations. This way, you can make sure that your desks are well-utilised and allocated evenly to all employees.

Ronspot also offers several benefits, including a mobile app that lets employees book their workspaces on the go. It is simple to install, and companies can upload a map of their workspace to create a unique account. This map will be displayed on the software, and employees can book desks on an interactive map or calendar interface.

The software allows employees to view real-time desk availability on a booking calendar, and can be viewed 90 days in advance. Additionally, users can apply search filters, such as 2-screen availability, printer, or Ethernet cable, to refine their search. Furthermore, they can view other employees’ arrival and departure times and see which desks are available.


Envoy desk booking software allows employees to book desks, set desk amenities, and more. With Envoy, employees can book desks for the duration of their stay and even cancel their reservations when the desk is no longer in use. Regardless of whether a company has a large workforce or a small one, Envoy can help you make the most of your office space.

Envoy’s software is not only great for desk booking, but it can also be used to manage visitors and packages across multiple floors. Its features make it easy to track visitor arrivals, which cuts down on panic when a VIP arrives. Notifications can be sent via email, SMS, or Slack. Envoy also lets users see a picture of the person who is checking in. Its mobile app makes it simple to respond to notifications, which is a great convenience for front desk employees.

Envoy’s mobile app is easy to use and can be used on a variety of mobile devices. However, Envoy is not compatible with all operating systems and may not work with all mobile devices. Therefore, it is best for users who use Apple. However, it does not work well for users who use Android.

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