In this article, we will discuss how to make a clock in Minecraft. The following is the step-by-step procedure of making a clock in Minecraft:

Step 1

First, get some quartz blocks and smelt them down in a furnace to get some quartz ore powder. Smelt it again to make it refined quartz. You also need to get some dye (there are many different dye colors, but for this tutorial, you will need one or more of the following colors: orange, light gray, magenta). Get eight pieces of any wood.

Step 2

Make a crafting table and put it on your Hot bar.

Put refined quartz in the middle two squares and wooden planks in the remaining six squares. Now click on the next to last court (the one with darker background), which will open up another screen showing all possible recipes that can be crafted using this recipe as a base. Select clock by clicking on it. It will show that the watch requires seven refined quartz powder+1 levers, so put these items inappropriate place and connect the craft button at the bottom.

You will get three clocks after crafting it.

Now find a wood pickaxe in your Hot bar and my quartz ore that will drop 4-5 pieces of quartz ore. Put these on the inventory, mine six slices of any wood (it can be dark, birch, acacia, etc.). Put six wooden planks+1 quartz block on the crafting table to make six-time clocks (you can also use 7 Quartz blocks with one lever for the same results). Now you have 12 watches, so put them in your inventory.

Step 3

Put two-time clocks at the top middle part of the screen and one more on the left side of the screen where you want to build the house. Then put the remaining five clocks on the floor anywhere near each other, then right-click on one watch, and you will get a message saying set time from 0 to 20 minutes, Right-click on any clock to open GUI if it is not done already. In GUI, use the slider at the bottom of the screen to set time To 20 (you can also do this by typing command /time set 20).

Now remove one quartz block out of 2 blocks that we put at the beginning and set the Redstone torch in its place. Now mine three more quartz blocks and place them, then place the lever on all other three quartz blocks and right-click any lever. Then you will see that torches turn off and clocks start ticking. Remember that each clock ticks once in 5 seconds, so it takes 4 hours for all four watches to complete a full round. Now continue reading below.

You should see that TNT is about to explode. This is what we wanted. Now it’s time to enjoy a whole night and day cycle.

To turn off the clock, break one of the quartz blocks, at which point all watches stop ticking, and torches turn on again as they did initially. It’s worth noting that only Redstone blocks can be used for this purpose, so don’t use levers or buttons because those will not work. You may put these three quartz blocks anywhere around your house, like above ground, if you want fast access to it (note: you don’t need any block where the clock was initially placed).

The clock doesn’t tell actual time because we set time at 20 minutes, but each day has 40 minutes (20-minute daylight and 20 minute night). How this works is that each tick on the clock has a 0.1% chance of day and 0.1% chance of the night to occur, so it’s normal for watches to take more than 1 hour to change from one state to another (for example, if your time set at 21:00 and you see 11:00 or 12:00 when it should be close to 2:00).

Step 4

To get rid of sand/gravel type blocks, you will make a sand generator. First, make wooden planks stick. Make five wooden pressure plates (pressing plate) on the crafting table. Put three wooden planks+2 stick in the second row in a crafting table to make three buckets, and then continue with the remaining wood planks.

We will now place dirt/grass blocks as shown below. Put water on top of the middle dirt block and break the remaining four dirt blocks. After some time, you will see that gravel (which is useless) will drop from the ceiling, and you will be left with only sand, which is required for making glass. You can use this same process to dispose of any unwanted block except bedrock because it has a different code altogether and usually cannot be disposed of.

Step 5

You need eight pieces of wooden planks (dark or birch), ten pieces of quartz (refined or typical), six slices of cobblestone (refined or standard), one piece of Redstone dust, one piston (wooden plank stick), and one lever in that order to make piston clock.

Step 6

Put pistons with slime blocks in their front, and then place water at the topmost part of a slime block. Put pressure plates in front of Redstone dust (on both sides but slightly behind) so when the time changes to 0, it will power the Redstone dust, which will activate the pistons pushing out the slime blocks.

When time turns back to 20, torches get switched off, and nothing happens. Therefore no signal is given to re-activate pistons. Now you can use these clock-like ordinary clocks (in previous steps) to tell night/day time! You can also put these slime blocks on the ceiling of your house if you want fast access to it (note: you don’t need any block where the clock was initially placed). The only downside of this clock is that it needs lots of Redstone dust and pistons, making the whole building process much harder.

Purpose of a clock in Minecraft

  1. Before making it, first, we need to know what the use of the clock is. The first and foremost purpose of adding time on screen is so that players can return home safely at night without killing monsters or running into other dangers. This lets them play more relaxed after dark hours, maybe engaging into some PVP stuff with their enemies or some adventurous stuff like mining deep underground, etc.
  2. The second use for this new addition is that some mods allow players to set off custom periodic events using timers based on game time as unique mob spawns for nightfall or particular weather changes triggered by dawn and dusk (though this didn’t work due to lack of actual day/night cycle).
  3. The following use is to design custom farming schemes that will keep crops alive throughout the night. This can be beneficial and harmful for players – setting up an automated farm overnight when hostile mobs are out in force may not be advisable. Another impact of time can be seen in a mod called Ex Nihilo, which implements a system of creating tools from certain kinds of wood, each requiring a different amount of time to “grow” into fully functional tools (e.g., 20 minutes).

Uses of cock in Minecraft

No matter where you are in the overworld, a clock has little use beyond telling time. Having an underground watch allows you to determine the time at night and in the morning. Also, it serves as an attractive decorative piece for any home. Keeping a clock near your bed can help you determine when it is time to sleep. When the moon starts rising, you can sleep, so when the clock shows half of it as nighttime, you can sleep


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