Because there is no consistent charging mild in your AirPods Pro, it can appear no longer possible to realize if they may be genuinely charging—mainly in case you do not have an iPhone or iPad! But don’t worry, there are easy strategies to find out the charging popularity and battery stage of your AirPods Pro, whether or now not you are using an Android, MacBook, Chromebook, PC, or simply looking on the fame of the slight colour at the case. We’ll show you the way to discover in case your AirPods Pro is charging, and what to do in case your AirPods might not rate.

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Check Fame Mild On Case

1 When you location your AirPods Pro in the charging case and near the lid, the case is charging your AirPods.

You can confirm this by means of setting up the case lid with the AirPods interior and checking the popularity mild.

If the status slight on the case is a consistent amber or orange even as the lid is open, the case is actively charging your AirPods.

When your AirPods are absolutely charged, the reputation mild will be a everyday green.

2 To find out if your AirPods Pro case is charging, be a part of the case to the charger to peer the reputation mild.

When you area the charging case on a MagSafe or Qi-licensed wireless charging mat or join it to a stressed out charger, an LED light will light up for about eight seconds. The color of this slight tells you whether or not your AirPods are charging or no longer.

If the light is inexperienced, your AirPods Pro and case are truly charged.

Keep in thoughts that the popularity moderate won’t live on even as charging – approximately 8 seconds after connecting the AirPods Pro case to the charger, the popularity mild will flip off, making it look like your AirPods aren’t charging.

3 If you are using a wireless charging mat, you could additionally tap the case at the same time as charging to see the reputation light up.

This will handiest artwork if you are using a wi-fi charger and the charging case lid is closed.[1]

If you’re using a Lightning cable to rate in region of the wi-fi charging mat, tapping the case whilst charging might not do whatever.

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Check Charge Status On Iphone Or Ipad

With your iPhone or iPad held and unlocked, open the AirPods Pro case internal your AirPods.

When you open the case, a pop-up will seem on your display display that shows the charging reputation and battery level of both the AirPods Pro and the charging case.

A lightning bolt icon to your AirPods Pro’s battery indicator suggests that the AirPods are charging within the case. If there can be no lightning bolt, it’s far due to the truth the AirPods are not in the case, or the case is not charging.

The lightning bolt at the battery indicator for the case shows that the case is actively charging. This icon seems best at the same time as the case is actively charging.

Check Charge Status On Mac

1 Open the AirPods charging case or cast off your AirPods from the case.

If your AirPods Pro is connected for your Mac, you could check your Bluetooth settings to see if the earbuds or charging case are charging.

2 Click at the Bluetooth icon photo titled Macbluetooth1.Png.

It’s inside the pinnacle-right corner of the screen in the menu bar (near the clock). You will see your AirPods Pro below the list of devices.

3 Hover your mouse cursor over the AirPods get right of entry to in the Bluetooth menu.

You will now see the price diploma for every AirPod (left and proper) and case.

Unlike the iPhone or iPad, you may no longer see a lightning bolt to signify that the AirPods are actively charging, however if the battery stage percent is growing over the years, you could ensure that your AirPods Pro are being charged.

For quick recognition checking.

Check Charge Status On Android Or Chromebook

Use AirBattery to display screen your AirPods Pro battery degree on your Android.

Whenever your AirPods are related to your Android or Chromebook, this loose app will display the battery recognition of your AirPods Pro, in reality as you were the use of an iPhone or iPad. You can download the AirBattery app in your Android or Chromebook from the Play Store definitely free.

When your AirPods Pro is actively charging, a lightning bolt indicator will seem on the battery icon for each AirPod and charging case.

You’ll handiest see the battery stage of the charging case when you have at least one in all your AirPods inner it.[2]

If your Chromebook might no longer have a Play Store, you can test the battery diploma of your AirPods with the useful resource of clicking on Quick Settings in the backside-proper and selecting the Bluetooth icon whilst associated.[3]

Check Charge Status On Windows

If you are the use of Windows 10 or Windows eleven, you could want the Battery Monitor app.

Although Windows displays battery charge statistics for maximum Bluetooth gadgets, AirPods There are exceptions. MagicPods are a tremendous choice that still helps ear detection. The app has a free trial and a small fee if you decide you like the app sufficient to purchase it. Check it out at https://magicpods.App.

If you do no longer want to pay for an app, simply use the shade of the repute mild on the case to discover in case your AirPods are charging.

Why Are My Airpods Pro Not Charging?

1 If charging wirelessly, make certain the charging case is face-up on the charging mat.

The reputation button and mild have to be going thru upwards within the middle of your Qi-licensed or MagSafe charger. [4] Lift the case from the charger and placed it lower again in vicinity—if the case is nicely aligned, you need to have approximately eight seconds earlier than turning it off. A reputation mild need to appear, indicating that the case is charging.

2 Double take a look at the relationship.

If you don’t see the charging mild at the AirPods Pro case whilst you join it to the charger:

If the use of a wi-fi charger, the charger need to be related to a running power source. Make high-quality the charging cable is securely plugged into the charger’s energy port, and that the opposite stop of the cable is mounted to a running power source, collectively with a wall socket or powered USB port. [5]

If you are the use of a Lightning to USB cable to price your case, cast off and reinstall the cable, and make sure the other prevent of the cable is connected to a working energy supply, along with a wall charger. Or powered USB port.

If the slight does now not come on right now after connecting the case to the charger, strive a unique power deliver, or use a unique charging method.

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