Don’t you want to get a professional MLS listing service in your local MLS without even paying a 6% agent commission? Sounds like a dream? Well, Flat fee Maine multiple listing service providers can do that.

There are significant cost-saving benefits when you go for the “For Sale By Owner” approach at the flat fee. Your listing starts getting shown on the MLS as well as hundreds of other websites that are popular and display MLS listings such as, Trulia, Zillow, and Google.

Let us know all about Flat Fee MLS and the best Maine multiple listing service providers.

What is the MLS?

MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service. There are thousands of individual MLSs in the country. While some are large and regional, some are smaller and only area based. The realtors can look at their local MLS to find properties in their area. List with freedom reviews says that it is essential to be listed in the correct local MLS.

However, some national websites combine all the MLS listings and post them on their website with deep information like commissions to the agents, the contact information of the property owner, lockbox codes, etc. The local MLS agents can see that information from their MLS.

Why should the seller list on the MLS?

  • MLS means “Multiple Listing Service”. It is the big real estate market.
  • More than 90% of all the properties sold in the US happen due to the MLS listing exposure.
  • If you get your property listed on the MLS, then all realtors in your area will be able to view your home on the MLS database.
  • The buyers will also view your property and will find your home on hundreds of MLS websites.
  • As per several data and studies, MLS-listed properties always sell at a better rate as well as faster than non-MLS-listed FSBO properties.

Why go for Flat Fee MLS listing Brokerage and not traditional realtor commission?

  • Since you get the same MLS listing service at a one-time low fee with a Flat Fee Listing Company, so it does not make sense to pay a heavy realtor commission. However, the realtors provide comprehensive services when they charge full commission.
  • You have control over selling the property. You can take all the decisions yourself and do not need to pay a commission.
  • You get maximum exposure and your properties will be live on hundreds of national MLS websites.
  • Realtors that are associated with the potential buyers can contact you directly as your name and phone numbers are there on the MLS listing.
  • You can steer the contract offer as per your wishes. You can negotiate terms and conditions as you like.  
  • A listing posted in the MLS may take a couple of days to become live on other national websites, such as Trulia, Zillow, Google,, etc.
  • If you want, you can cancel your MLS listing.

Important things to know to list on MLS in Maine

Other things to know about Maine’s multiple listing services are:

  • Only a licensed broker can list properties on MLS.
  • The realtors or brokers pay the MLS fees to list a property.
  • An unlicensed individual cannot list on the MLS in any condition.
  • The real estate agent is responsible for maintaining the authenticity of the listing and keeping it up to date.
  • A Broker needs to pay a fine as well if the property is sold but listed as active in the list.
  • The edits in your listing such as photo updates and listing status are performed by the local agent.

Best Flat Fee MLS Companies in Maine

List with freedom reviews shares that Maine real estate market is currently a bit down. However, home prices have grown by 17% in the past year. To save real estate agent commissions, use technology and sell your home using Flat Fee MLS Maine services. The best Flat Fee MLS companies in Maine are:

With an exponential number of 5-star reviews and the best combination of savings as well as technology, Houzeo is the leading Flat Fee MLS provider.

Houzeo offers different Flat Fee MLS packages.

  • The package of Bronze which is priced at $299 includes your listings on other websites such as Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, Redfin, and more.
  • The silver package which is priced at $349, offers many things along with the basic offerings like unlimited changes to your listing.
  • The gold package is also there which is priced at $429. This one includes Houzeo Showings, Houzeo Offers, Digital Transaction Management, etc.
  • Coming to the highest package, the platinum package is priced at $999 which includes negotiation assistance, disclosures, and closing.

The packages offer the highest Houzeo technology, managing showings, offering negotiations, etc. you can also enjoy using Houzeo Mobile App!

You can check out Houzeo reviews for more information.

BuySelf Realty

This company was founded by Albert Hepp. BuySelf Realty is a Minnesota-based Flat Fee MLS listing service. It operates and provides services in various states of the U.S. BuySelf Realty Packages offers 3 different Flat Fee MLS categories.

  • Economy Package is priced between $199 to $299. This offer the things like 6 months of MLS Listing allowing 10 photos. The seller’s disclosure statement is also included along with the basic agent support.
  • Standard Package is priced between $299 to $399 that includes 12 months with the provision of anytime cancellation. This MLS listing comes with 20 photos. The services such as seller’s disclosure statement and basic agent support are offered with a yard sign having your contact number on it.
  • A comprehensive or Total Package is provided at a rate of $599. This one includes around 8 months of MLS Listing where you can upload as many as 35 photos. This package also offers a Key Lockbox and a Deluxe Sign Post.

Flat Fee Realty

Flat Fee Realty is a good option as the company offers cost-effective plans. Their packages are not many. Flat Fee Realty offers just one Flat Fee MLS listing package in every state. The price varies starting from $159 and going up to $299. The user can put 6 photos with this listing.

To upload more photos, you can pay additional money of $50. Since Flat Fee MLS packages are not very flexible like Houzeo, you don’t have the freedom to customize your plan. Also, the listing broker may charge 0.1% to 0.25% of the buyer’s commission.
There are many other Maine multiple listing service too that helps homeowners list and sell their home on time and get the most amount of money in return. They provide the best customer service too.

Is commission and flat rate the same?

Commission and flat rate are two different pricing models used by businesses to charge for their services. Commission is a percentage of the total sale or transaction, usually paid to a salesperson or agent who has facilitated the sale. On the other hand, a flat rate is a fixed fee charged for a particular service or job, regardless of the amount of time or effort required.

Commission is often used in sales-driven industries like real estate, insurance, and finance. Salespeople are motivated to close deals and increase their commission earnings, which can lead to a competitive environment that benefits both the salesperson and the business. On the other hand, flat rate pricing is common in industries like construction, plumbing, and handyman services, where the cost of the service can be estimated based on the complexity of the job.

While commission and flat rate pricing models are different, they can be used together in some cases. For example, a real estate agent may charge a flat fee for their services in addition to a commission percentage of the final sale price. This hybrid model allows the agent to earn a guaranteed fee while still having an incentive to maximize the sale price for their client.

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