Is learning how to increase your YouTube to get more subscribers base with Instagram something you’d be interested in?

It might be difficult to grow a YouTube following given that so much content is uploaded every day.

What is the solution? You may get Instagram followers to also subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Attracting Instagram followers to YouTube might be difficult, especially if you lack social media marketing knowledge.

We have gathered this list of proven strategies for gaining YouTube subscribers for your convenience.

You only need an Instagram account to get started, and you can begin immediately.


Now, let’s look at how you can use the people who follow you on Instagram to grow your YouTube channel.

As stated previously, your Instagram followers are distinct from your YouTube subscribers. What inspires one audience may differ from what motivates another.

These tried-and-true methods will help you bridge the gap between the two platforms and get more people to watch your videos on YouTube.

Put all your fresh YouTube videos on Instagram.

Instagram subscribers can be easily gathered through cross-promotion with other channels. When you upload a new video to YouTube, promote it on Instagram.

You can use

  • Your video’s thumbnail on YouTube
  • A screenshot from your YouTube video
  • A snippet from the video

The most vital aspect, however, is to mention the video’s URL so that visitors can view the entire video. Putting a link to the video in your Instagram profile is the most typical strategy. Then, in the description of your post, include a comment encouraging followers to click on your bio link.

By consistently updating Instagram with your most recent YouTube material, you maintain awareness of your channel. It also shows that people are using your channel and that your community is growing on other platforms.

Get on Instagram and YouTube and make a website.

You can encourage your Instagram followers to visit your YouTube channel by linking the two platforms together.

Feeds for both platforms might be shown on the same web page to show visitors the value of both services. By integrating your company’s presence on YouTube and Instagram, you increase the likelihood that people will begin following you on both platforms.

It’s simplest to use Smash Balloon’s YouTube Feed Pro and Instagram Feed plugins. The two feeds might then be presented side by side on your website.

Listed below is a quick tutorial on how to reach your goal.

After acquiring the plugins, install and activate them in your WordPress installation.

If you do not know how to do so, you can view our instructions on how to install a WordPress plugin on this page.

Create a channel on YouTube.

Click the Add New button on your dashboard after navigating to the YouTube Feed > All Feeds menu.

Then, you can select the YouTube feed type to embed on your website.

You may display content drawn from a YouTube playlist, search results, live broadcasts, and even more with the assistance of YouTube Feed Pro.

If you choose the Channel feed type and click Next, you can promote your own YouTube content.

As you can see, our plugin makes creating your YouTube stream simple. If you’d like to embed videos from YouTube onto your site, you can do so by linking to this feed.

Share Fan Recognition on Instagram

Regarding demonstrating concern for your viewers, why not spend part of your Instagram posts recognizing your top YouTube subscribers?

You might construct a collage of the avatars of your top followers and tag them all in the caption. You can also show these posts on your website in a feed that is filtered to only show these posts.

By acknowledging your most devoted followers in this manner, you encourage people to subscribe. Who would not want a social media shoutout from their favourite YouTuber?

To establish a link between channels, swipe upwards.

In addition to the standard “Follow us on YouTube” button, verified business accounts with over 10,000 followers on Instagram also have additional options for linking to their YouTube channels.

Swiping up brings up a menu from which you can select the desired URL and instantly be taken there. An excellent strategy for getting people to watch the full video or subscribing to your channel on YouTube.

Instagram is a straightforward method for gaining new YouTube subscribers because of how easy it is to navigate.

Involve the Fans in Decision Making

You can use your Instagram audience to make decisions about your channel, in addition to posting teaser content and updates.

Including quick yes/no polls in your Instagram stories can help simplify the process. When there are only two choices, supporters can easily take part by tapping.

Take a survey, for instance, to learn more about the best way to share your knowledge.

Fans must then subscribe to your channel to view this content.

Demonstrating that you care about your audience’s input by including them in decision-making is a powerful technique. This makes you appear more credible, which is essential for attracting additional subscribers.

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