Customer experience is vital in ensuring that your customers stick to your brand, especially if you provide services. While selling a product, several other factors set precedences, such as product quality and durability. One can rightly argue that the above factors are part of the customer experience. Thus, it can be agreed that customer satisfaction and good customer experience are essential for any business to focus upon.

Due to Covid-19, most of us have resorted to virtual ways of interacting with business, whether banking or shopping. We prefer to do it all with minimalistic human interaction. This has accelerated the dependence of businesses on video content to convey their brand message to their customers.

While the art of video creation and editing seemed daunting, most businesses these days heavily rely upon a video editor to create beautiful content which accurately communicates with their customers. However, you should have a clear and concise strategy to make the most of online tools.

Some important questions to ask yourself and your team would include:

When to Use Video Content?

While it may be tempting to use videos for each content you want to post online, it is essential to keep tracking the content engagement to ensure that your videos are being well-received. While a video-making tool might make it a cakewalk to produce videos, having the right strategy is of utmost importance.

Most brands do not understand that their customer is probably checking other brands who might have similar ideas of making videos for everything. Having the right strategy saves your customer from video fatigue too.

Which Type of Video Content Would Yield Better Results?

We come across different video content types without even realizing it. Videos can have various types, but we will discuss these five types below.

Bite-sized Videos:

These videos are extremely popular among millennials and Generation Z owing to their short attention span. These videos range from 10-45 seconds in duration and are not restrictive like the content. You can publish a bite-sized video as a teaser or even test the waters before you plan other types of video content.

These are an excellent way to give a sneak peek into your daily operations or an event you are planning, or anything you would want to share with your customers. Despite being easy to create, you should not just share random videos but rather strategize what you want to share and when.

Several online social media platforms allow their users to create quick bite-sized videos. 

Explainer Videos

As the name suggests, these videos explain how your business works to your customers. These videos are an excellent tool to enhance the trust of your customers in your business. These videos are usually animated with a voice-over. However, it is not mandatory to do so.

If you have a business that is not easy to understand for its customers, for example, a cybersecurity organization, having an explainer video of how your tools help protect your customers on the homepage of your website would be a great strategy. Promoting and pinning the explainer video on your social media pages would also take you far in the race to win customer satisfaction.

If you want to make such videos for your product or service on a budget, you should rely on online professional video editors. However, if you have a budget to spare, making it by an animator would yield better results.

Product Demonstration Videos 

These videos are similar to explainer videos and are gaining a lot of viewer attention on platforms such as YouTube. In a product demonstration video, usually, an expert demonstrates how the product works. These videos help build the trust of your customers as they validate the quality of the product.

If your product is highly technical and lacks user experience, this video type should be your go-to. These videos help the customers understand how each aspect of their newly bought machine works, making the early adoption journey easier. 

Behind the Scene Videos

As customers, we crave brands that go the extra mile of delivering perfection but do not let go of ethics and honesty in attaining perfection. This is what makes behind the scene (BTS) videos so popular, the tinge of honesty and humor they bring to the plate.

While your customers will appreciate you for delivering a perfect product demonstration video, the hard work that your brand underwent to deliver it is equally appreciated. So, always capture the exhaustive meetings and takes you to undergo to deliver your masterpiece as it makes your brand more human for your customers, enhancing their experience.

These videos are also a great tool to entice newer customers to your brand. Most celebrities and bigger brands have started sharing smaller snippets on their social media platforms to increase customer anticipation before a movie or product launch. This helps them attract and retain customers.

Customer Testimonial Videos

Last but not least, an authentic customer testimonial video holds special importance in every customer’s heart. These videos are a way for them to get honest and unbiased feedback from their peers. Several brands indulge in rewarding their customers for making such videos. However, the biggest drawback is that the video will lose its authenticity.

To create an impacting video testimonial of your customers, ask them difficult questions such as what can your brand do better? Also, it is advisable to slightly edit such videos using any video editing tool to add subtitles or music and even some details of the reviewing customer. But avoid editing clips to get a favorable video.


Videos are, without a doubt, the most widely consumed content on the internet. This makes them the most effective and efficient tool to engage with your customers. However, understanding which video type to use should be a priority for businesses, as excessive usage of one format can leave a bad taste in your customers’ mouths. 

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