Snakes and ladder  or even known as saanp seedi , is a great classic game for all ages as well as skill levels. It is one of the prime strategy games and a great way to get your brain simply moving. With no complicated sort of rules but deep insight into human behaviour, it emerged that playing this game can really help you deal with the hurdles of the life and move on to success.  Of course, if you have played this game offline in your past then you do know how to play snakes and ladders. But if you have never played this game in any modes, that is also fine. The game is easy to learn and then it is all about your skill.

You just start on square one and work your way up to simply reach the square 100 by advancing squares. You do it through rolling dice. However, the snakes in between are going to be the biggest hurdle that you have to cross so as to win the game. Though the game is quite simple, it does have a couple of interesting properties that make it really more than simply a random roll of the dice. 

What do you need to play this exciting game?

Well, for the game of snakes and ladders, even known as saanp seedi, there is not really much preparation that you need to do. The game is simpler than many types of popular modern games. However, in case the number of players available for the game is quite more then it surely increases the fun and even excitement. You can easily choose to play snakes and ladders on the web on your pc, tablet, or even your smartphone. For the game, you just need:

  • Pawns for all players
  • A snakes and ladders board
  • A single dice

Of course, once you look into the online platforms, you get it all there for you to get started with your online game.   To begin with the game, it is essential to know who will be throwing the dice first to simply move the pawn. For this, all the players are going to throw the dice once and the player that is going to get the highest number on the dice shall start the game. In case of any sort of a tie, this procedure will be repeated until one of them receives the highest number. 

The game is perfect for everyone

Indeed, if you feel that it is going to be a game for children then you are mistaken. You have no idea how this game is apt for everyone, irrespective of their age, lifestyle or background. You know snakes and ladders is the perfect known game of chance as well as strategy for all age groups. However, before you start to play snakes & ladders online, it is always suggested to know and understand the overall rules well. It is to make sure every player experiences an equal opportunity of winning.  Of course, once you know the rules well, you would not make any shallow mistake that might end up making you lose the game.

The game rules of snakes & ladder  

  • For the game to start, there has to be at least two players having their pawns that should be placed at the beginning mark of the board. 
  • After placing the pawns, every single player will get an opportunity to roll the dice. After throwing dice, the player need to move the pawn as per the number shown on the dice. 
  • After moving the overall pawn, in case the player lands on the bottom of the ladder, then the player needs to move his pawn quickly up the ladder. 
  • However, in case the player simply lands on the head of the snake, then the pawn of the specific player is going to be taken down to the tail of the snake. But in case a player rests on the tail of the snake, then the player is going to be at the same spot till his next move or turn. 
  • Remember that rolling sixes is going to be always beneficial! As every time you, as a player, get a six, an additional chance is going to be given to roll the dice simply again. 
  • The player that simply makes it to the one hundred block of the board is going to be declared as the winner. However, the point that has to be kept in mind is that in case a player receives a bigger number on the dice than what is really required to land precisely on the 100 mark, the pawn is not going to be permitted to move and is going to stand there until he receives the desired number. 
  • There is no sort of player elimination in snakes & ladder type of game. It simply means that all the players who were still in the overall race when their final ladders were taken away stay in the game until the reach of end. This is something that makes snakes and ladders to turn out to be one of the most playable games across the world.

Earning money is possible too!

Indeed, since you know about the rules and how you can go about the snakes and ladders game, it is also important for you to know that you can earn money too. Of course, once you play well and win the game, you can earn money too. You can be sure that you win and earn the pennies that make a difference for you. After all, it is all about having fun, spending time in an enjoyable manner and also earn money when possible.


To sum up,  you should play this game as it is really refreshing and sharpening. You can also earn and have great experiences. No matter what your age is, this game is not going to disappoint you. And if you have played this game in an offline mode, try now in online mode!

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