The loud, satisfying clicking noise that some switches make first makes people gravitate toward mechanical keyboards. If you’re looking for the best quiet mechanical keyboards, this article is for you. However, you are left with a loud keyboard after the honeymoon phase ends, so they cannot use it at work or around others.

As they play video games and chat with friends, they hear the clicking noise that brought so much joy to their lives during the past. Now, it is a curse that follows them wherever they go. There’s a need for a change, and it’s time to upgrade your switches to quieter options. However, there are many silent switch options:

Quiet Mechanical Keyboard Switches

1. Gateron Silent Red/Black

There are two types of Gateron Silent switches, Red and Black, which provide smooth, quiet switching. Gateron switches are known for being budget-friendly, so they make an excellent choice for those with limited funds. In addition to this, Gateron switches are smoother than their Cherry counterparts.

Gateron switches have only one significant downside: they last approximately half as long as Cherry MX switches. You can read more about this difference here. It costs around $0.300-0.50 per item, which is more affordable than the top two options. Therefore, it is a better choice for those who want to keep costs low. You can get Gateron Silent switches at the Kebo Store for an excellent price.

2. Cherry MX Silent Red/Black

3.7mm is the total travel distance of the Cherry MX Silent switches. The Cherry MX linear switches have a slightly different feel than their counterparts and are quieter. Rubber dampening is installed on the button stems to reduce the amount of noise produced when the switch is pressed.

This design does not have any advantage in making the keystrokes feel muddy. The sound reduction comes at the expense of the feel. A Silent Red bottom-out force is 45g, while a Silent Black bottom-out force is 60g. There is a slight difference between Cherry MX Silent switches and ZealPC switches in tone and pitch and a scratchier feel than Gateron switches. On the Kebo Store, you can find Cherry MX Silent switches at affordable prices.

3. ZealPC Healios

A silent linear switch by ZealPC, the Healios, takes the top spot. There is no quieter linear switch on the market, and this is a good option for those who do not want their typing sounds to be loud. The Healios have a silencing bumper, which dampens the sound of the bottom out and the sound of the up-stroke. When the switch is pressed and released, it is silent. 67g of bottom-out force is also listed on the control, which is a little heavy. The bottom-out power of most mechanical keyboard switches is approximately 45-60g.

These switches cost $1.20 each, making them on the pricey side. Nevertheless, you may find the price of these switches worth it, considering their quality and sound.

4. ZealPC Zilents V2

Next up is the ZealPC Zilents V2. Healios are very similar to Silents, but Zilents have tactile senses instead of linear ones. In contrast to other switches, the bump for the Zilents starts at the beginning of the keypress, without any pretravel. The keystroke will not occur unless you press harder than the bump. The keystroke will not happen, eliminating user errors caused by “half-pressing” a key. All Silent variations offer their characteristics and resistance, including four different bottom-out forces. Weights range from 62g to 65g, 67g to 78g. Although the switch prices are not low at $1.20 each, they are high quality, much like the Healios.

5. Matias Quiet Linear

For court stenographers and other employees working in environments where typing sounds must be kept low, the Matias Quiet Linear switch is a great option. When the spring is compressed, there is more resistance at the beginning of the keypress, which gradually decreases as the spring is compressed. Despite being slightly louder than the other switches on this list, Matias Quiet is still an excellent choice for anyone seeking a quiet switch. With $50 for a box of 200 switches, these are the cheapest of all the switches. Each switch costs about $0.25.

Keyboards that are quiet and reliable

Ducky One 2 Mini: The Quietest Gaming Keyboard

Despite its 60% mechanical keyboard design, the Ducky One 2 Mini is an excellent all-around keyboard. We enjoy using this keyboard for both typing and gaming. It has several Cherry MX switches to choose from, so you can select the Cherry MX Silent Red or Silent Black if you prefer a quieter keyboard.

You can also customize the build even further by switching out the keycaps that come with the Ducky One 2 Mini. You’ll enjoy playing with this keyboard. The Ducky One 2 Mini can be found in our full review and included in our list of the best 60% keyboards. The Ducky One 2 Mini is very affordable.

The Durood K320 is the most silent mechanical keyboard for the office

A keyboard as good as the Durgod K320 is suitable for typing. The excellent build quality and buttery smooth stabilizers of Durgod are known for. When it comes to a mechanical keyboard for the office, you cannot go wrong with this one. If you want to make the keyboard even more stealthy, you can select Cherry MX Silent switches just like you do with the Ducky One 2 Mini. Keycaps are made of PBT material with two colors that will impress.

Ducky MIYA Pro: Best Keyboard with 65% Silence

One of the absolute best keyboards is the Ducky MIYA Pro. A nice 65% compact layout makes this keyboard the perfect combination of compactness and ease of use.

Why is sound important?

One of the most important considerations when choosing a switch for your newly designed keyboard is the sounds it makes. The sensation of the switch is usually the other aspect.

Avoid using the loudest and most clicky switch kinds if you intend to shoot videos, broadcast content, or speak into a microphone; otherwise, work in a public area.

Because of the noisy switches, there will be more background noise, and microphones can hear every key press. It is also a good idea to consider that, particularly in a crowded, enclosed space, most individuals don’t like the noise of loud keyboards.

Final thoughts

Keyboards have a lot of different factors that influence their sound output, including cases, stabilizers, and switches.

Other great options on this list are also more affordable if you’re looking for something else.


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