In general, advertising has much importance in business and it can make you more visible. So, you need a suitable atmosphere for advertising, an atmosphere which has many audiences. It is wise to choose social networks and messengers for advertising. You can choose Telegram for advertising. This is a good platform and has many useful features so because this reason people attract to this messenger and nearly 1.5 mils people join telegram every day. Finally, we conclude that if you want high efficiency of advertising, use telegram messenger to do this. In the following, we want to talk more about advertising in telegram and its methods.

what are the advantages of advertising on telegram?

as we mentioned, telegram is a popular messenger and it has lots of users. Because it provided some useful and unique features to users such as sending messages, posting and downloading any type of content, reading news, creating channels and groups, and much more. Due to these unique features, it has many users and fans and if you advertise on it, you will have a good output.

How to Advertise on Telegram: In a Nutshell

Telegram is a popular messenger app with over 500 million users globally, attracting nearly 1.5 million users daily. It is an ideal platform for businesses to advertise their products or services. Telegram offers unique features that other messengers don’t, such as sending messages, posting and downloading content, reading news, and creating channels and groups. In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages of advertising on Telegram and four methods to do so.

The first method is to advertise on channels. You can create your own channel and add members to it, but this method has limitations as you can only add 200 members as an admin. The better option is to advertise on popular channels, which can be done in three ways: cost per thousand impressions (CPM), cost per click (CPC), or hourly. The second method is advertising through proxy sponsors, which can be highly effective.

The third method is to advertise in groups. You can send your post to groups with many members or create your group and add members. Telegram restricts adding up to 50 members to a group per day. Finally, you can advertise on private chats, which are more effective as users tend to read them out of curiosity.

Telegram has some restrictions on advertising, such as the daily sending limit of 50 messages and a risk of being blocked or reported by audiences. However, there are tools available, such as bots, that can automate operations and make advertising on Telegram a hassle-free experience. Some of these bots include the Telegram sender, Texsender, and Virtual User. With these methods, you can effectively advertise your business on Telegram and reach out to millions of users.

Four methods of advertising on telegram

  1. Advertising in channels
  2. Advertising by the proxy sponsor
  3. Advertising in groups
  4. Advertising in private chat
  1. Advertising in channels: you can advertise in 2 ways on telegram channels. The first way is to create a channel and import your contacts and add members to it and send advertising posts about your services and products. Consider that you cannot add more than 200 members to your channel as admin and the others should join your channel with an invitation link, this number is very few for advertising so, we do not recommend this method. The second method of advertising is to advertise your content on famous and popular channels. The second way is to advertise your post on popular channels. Generally, advertising in telegram channels is done in three ways: CPM, CPC, and Hourly.
    1. CPM Ads: In this method of advertising, your post will remain the last post on the channel until reaches the agreed number of views. You only pay for the number of views that your post receives and you do not pay any additional fee. You can be sure that there is no fault in advertising.
    2. CPC Ads: in this method, your post will remain the last post on the channel until it reaches certain clicks. You will pay for the number of clicks that have been recorded on your post and in this method like the previous method, you can be sure that there is no fault in advertising. 
    3. Hourly Ads: In this method, you pay for the time that your post will be on the channel. You can choose one of the periods (12 hours or 24 hours). consider that the 12 period has two parts: 12 hours of the day or 12 hours of the night, and you can one of them based on your audience. If your audiences are teenagers, you can choose the 12 hours of the night because they usually sleep late. And you can choose 12 hours of the day if your audiences are adults who are awake in the morning.
  2. Advertising by proxy sponsor: The manufacturer of the Telegram messenger has considered a feature for countries that are not allowed to use this messenger on its platform so that can use it. This feature is called proxy. With these proxies, you will no longer be able to use VPNs to connect to the telegram. Because a large number of people are on the proxy server, if you rent a proxy sponsor, these people will see your channel and you can advertise your telegram channel. Telegram proxy adverting is very effective in making your business more visible. This method of advertising can have high efficiency.
  3. Advertising in groups: in this method, you can advertise in two ways.
  4. You can send your post to groups that have a large number of members. This method has a negative point that is your message may not be seen by members. Because of the high number of messages in groups people do not pay attention to your message.
  5. You can create a group and add members to it to show your various products and services. You can also chat with them to be aware of their feedback. But according to the telegram restriction, you cannot add more than 50 members in a day. To cross this restriction, you should use tools that in this article we want to introduce to you.
  • Advertising in private chat: People always pay special attention to the messages that receive privately and if you want to send your advertising post on people’s private chat, be sure that your message will be seen. Even out of curiosity they open the message to see who sent the message to them. Altogether, they will read the text of your message. But it is not easy to advertise in people’s private chats because telegram has considered some restrictions for advertising in this messenger. Stay with us to get more information about telegram restrictions.
  • The daily sending limit: Sincetelegram does not allow users to send bulk messages in this messenger. no one can send more than 50 messages a day with a line (telegram accounts) to strangers who have not already chatted with you and have not saved your phone number in their contacts. If you want to send more than this number you should use multiple lines (telegram accounts). For example, if you want to send 500 messages a day you must use 10 lines. That is send 50 messages with each line. You should consider that is very difficult and time-consuming to do these affairs manually and without using any tool. So, it is better to use a tool to automate operations completely. There are many software programs and bots that can switch automatically between lines and send bulk messages to your intended IDs or numbers of users. We suggest some bots to you that you can advertise with them easily: Telegram sender Bot, Texsender Bot, and Virtual User Bot.
  • The danger of being blocked and reported by audiences: There are options in telegram, that you can block or report people who are annoying and bothering you. This may happen to you while you are sending a message to strangers. if you do not want to be blocked and reported by audiences you should do two things:
  • Choose a good advertising message: If you write a good text, people will not ignore your messages. The text of your message should be friendly and polite.
  • Send your message to the right people: it means if you choose a suitable target audience you can decrease the chance of being blocked and reported. For example, you cannot send cosmetic advertising posts to men, because may feel you are bothering and annoying you and they may block you, so, it is important to send your content to people who are related to your business or interested in your field of activity.

We have explained advertising on telegram and the importance of using telegram in advertising. So, you can choose telegram as a popular messenger for advertising. We also mentioned some methods of advertising on telegram in this article. Now you can have a good and useful choice to advertise.


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