Edge computing is the future of wireless networks. It moves away from centralized computing and storage resources in data centers to decentralized processing power closer to the end-user, at the “edges” of networks. As mobile data consumption continues to rise exponentially, edge computing becomes more critical than ever before.

Supermicro’s latest line of Network Processors takes advantage of this next-generation architecture with innovations that offer a robust solution for cost-sensitive markets seeking a quick and easy upgrade path.

The private 5G NR and 5G edge-computing markets are poised to grow from billions of dollars today to trillions of dollars by 2025, according to Gartner. Supermicro’s latest line of Network Processors is well-positioned in this evolving market, supporting new edge data centers being built around the world.

Data Centers and the Cloud

As cloud computing takes over the world and data centers become increasingly complex, it becomes a challenge to locate and provision all the resources needed to run these networks.

Supermicro’s latest offerings offer the ideal solution for edge computing, offering powerful computing capabilities in a small form factor. The new Supermicro line of Network Processors allows customers to create highly customized edge computing and edge storage systems to support their business needs.

The Viant platform is an easy way to transform the power of supercomputing into distributed edge computing. It is a complete solution for producing high-performance, low-cost edge processors that fit on a single motherboard.

Virtualized RAN and the Edge

The new Supermicro Network Processors also support Virtualized Radio Access Network (vRAN) architectures, which use virtualized signaling and control functions to create a flexible and scalable mobile communications core for every mobile operator.

This Virtual RAN approach allows operators to deploy higher-capability networks more quickly, delivering more capacity and throughput with fewer base stations. And this means lower operating costs for operators.

vRAN will be an essential component of the private 5G network architecture. It can assist in designing the simplest, most efficient private 5G solutions, leading to reduced time to revenue and shortened ROI for network deployment.

Customer Premises and IoT

The new Supermicro Network Processors also support a wide range of diverse and scalable edge applications, including residential gateways, retail gateways, and IoT gateways.

Supermicro’s solution bridges the speed gap between the cloud and the IoT devices, extending services faster to remote areas by establishing local processing power at each gateway. The private 5G infrastructure helps create a truly global network that can reach any location on the planet.

Supermicro will continue to expand its portfolio of innovative hardware and software offerings with new offerings that provide customers with the right balance between performance and space for optimal location of the computing power at the “edge” of their networks.

Data Management

Supermicro is also collaborating on a technology solution that brings together edge computing capabilities with its unique data protection, management, and information-sharing capabilities.

This collaboration will enable enterprises to build cloud-free network environments that provide cost-optimized private 5G solutions at the “edge” of the network to maximize flexibility, agility, and performance.

The next generation of data centers will eliminate the bottlenecks created by central information processing. With the Viant platform, customers can build high-performance networks on a single motherboard and create low-cost, high-density edge computing that goes from core to edge and everywhere in between. And Supermicro is your partner for all your edge needs.

Data Center Challenges

Chip and pin, virtualized storage, and the rise of edge computing are just a few of the new realities facing data center customers. As data continues to grow exponentially, end-user responsiveness is critical. With more and more companies looking for an edge in the cloud to achieve private 5G implementation, Supermicro’s latest line of Network Processors is well-positioned for those seeking an easy upgrade path.

These edge solutions are a complement to the data centers that Supermicro has already helped to design and build for customers in various markets. Supermicro’s on-site designers have decades of experience designing, testing, and certifying the data center hardware and software components in these systems. Once customers select a hardware configuration based on their network design requirements, Supermicro delivers the software-defined networking (SDN) solution that fits their needs.

Can Supermicro outdoor support AC power?

Supermicro is a leading manufacturer of server and storage systems that are renowned for their quality and reliability. One question that often comes up is whether Supermicro outdoor equipment can support AC power. The answer is that it depends on the specific model and configuration.

Some Supermicro outdoor systems are designed to support AC power, while others may require DC power. In general, outdoor equipment is more likely to require DC power because it is more efficient and easier to transmit over long distances. However, some models do support AC power, which can be more convenient in certain situations.

If you are considering a Supermicro outdoor system and need to know whether it can support AC power, it is important to check the product specifications carefully. This information should be readily available on the manufacturer’s website or in the product documentation. If you are unsure, it is always a good idea to consult with a qualified technician or sales representative who can help you determine the best power configuration for your specific needs.

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