How we perceive hygiene, especially one in public facilities, has changed a lot after the pandemic. Even though hygiene should be non-negotiable, everyone should be responsible for it, it’s still a hot topic. Today, we’ll discuss the technological trends and advancements for cleaning and maintaining public restrooms.

Why public restroom hygiene is paramount more than ever?

Imagine the following scenario – you’re with friends at a popular restaurant in your city. At some point, you have to excuse yourself and visit the restroom. You’re already used to witnessing average hygiene levels at public restrooms, so you don’t expect much. However, you’re surprised because the bathroom is spotless. How does that make you feel? At ease, safe, satisfied and your customer satisfaction instantly plummets.

That’s because restroom hygiene is more than just aesthetics, it affects customer satisfaction, reputation management, and public health. Having said this, let’s see what you need to implement regarding technological trends to have a clean, well-maintained public restroom.

Smart sensors

Smart sensors like IoT sensors can help you maintain overall bathroom efficiency. There are different types of smart sensors, from those informing managers that the paper towels are running low or that soap has to be replenished to those that monitor bathroom conditions. Humidity, temperature, and gas levels are all monitored through these sensors. All this data is available in real-time, which facility managers should use to optimise efficiency and maintain proper hygiene levels.

Touchless is still a standard

Surfaces are covered in germs, bacteria and viruses. Just imagine how many people visit a public restroom at a mall or a popular restaurant. Thus, touchless fixtures can be considered a golden standard for public restrooms. From touchless faucets, soap or paper towel dispensers, and hand dryers to automatic and touchless flushing, touchless fixtures are the keys to having a well-maintained public restroom.

Smart waste bins

Overflowing waste bins are a common sight in public restrooms. However, it doesn’t have to be like that, as you can be alerted that it’s time to empty your waste bins. High-tech solutions are also available in waste management. People responsible for maintaining hygiene levels can inform the cleaning staff when its time to empty the waste.

Commercial-Grade Hand Dryers with HEPA Filters

Now’s the time to address the most important aspect of restroom hygiene – hand dryers. When equipping a public restroom, whether at a restaurant or at a gym, you need to think about the entire customer experience. Hand dryers like those available at Davidson Washroom are some of the best commercial hand dryers with HEPA filters. These filters efficiently trap bacteria and viruses, ensuring cleaner air and a better customer experience. Today’s commercial hand dryers are known for faster drying times, reducing restroom congestion, and enhancing the overall user experience.

Cleaning robots

If you can have a robot vacuum at home, why not have one clean a public restroom? They can be a great addition to your cleaning team, as they can ensure floors are clean and debris is vacuumed. It will reduce human contact with surfaces covered with germs and bacteria, enhancing overall safety.

Advanced Disinfection Technologies

For bathrooms with high foot traffic, disinfection is necessary to ensure every surface is germ and bacteria-free. The percentage of bacteria will build faster because of the high frequency of use. Thus, embracing technology like ultraviolet technology can be a game changer. UV disinfection systems eliminate pathogens, viruses and bacteria and ensure a healthier environment.

Energy-efficient lighting

When discussing technological trends for cleaner and healthier public restrooms, we also need to discuss energy efficiency. These bathrooms are often lit as people constantly stream in and out of restrooms. Thus, switching to motion sensor technology and LED lighting will also align with the sustainability goals of a facility.

The only path forward is to embrace the technological trends for cleaner restrooms. The only way to stay ahead and make your public restroom a place where your guests feel safe will fortify your reputation and ensure returning customers.  Whether you’re in the service industry, a tech enthusiast, a healthcare advocate, or a business owner, adopting these trends can improve customer satisfaction, enhance safety, and contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment. You can also conduct a research into current levels of satisfaction and use the results to prioritise improvements and ensure customer satisfaction.

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