Amazfit smartwatches have made a name for themselves in the wearables niche and have their own audience. Granted the rapid pace of technological advancements, smartwatches are getting more affordable, showcasing an extensive range packed with more features with newer updates. Even though it is a general notion that health enthusiasts and technology freaks mostly prefer smartwatches, Amazfit smartwatches such as the Bip Series benefit the elderly with their cutting-edge health and fitness features.

Amazfit smartwatches are perfect for tracking fitness goals and health, communicating via your smartphone, and much more. Besides, the brand has excelled in designing compact, sleek watches that are lightweight and easy to carry and operate. If you are looking to own a smartwatch to ornate your accessory wardrobe or gift it to loved ones, here are the top 5 reasons to go for an Amazfit smartwatch:

GPS and Smart Navigation

Amazfit offers some of the best GPS smartwatches and the best fitness and running ones too. Starting with the affordable Amazfit Bip U Pro smartwatch to the bestseller Amazfit GTS 2, Amazfit smartwatches can help you navigate using GPS and Google/Apple Maps. In fact, Amazfit smartwatches meticulously reduce distractions while travelling, so you do not have to check your smartphone again and again. This beautiful feature is a lifesaver for many seniors, in particular, as it allows them to walk freely in the neighbourhood without getting lost. Moreover, it can also serve as a great navigation tool for visually impaired people.

Amazfit smartwatches are also known for finding things such as smartphones, headphones, etc. Thanks to the multiple smartwatch apps, you can easily connect your watch to your smartphones and other electronic devices and find them whenever you want using the in-built trackers.

Zepp Health Fitness Tracking

Zepp has ensured that Amazfit smartwatches can keep up with other flagship competitors using innovative, saturated health and fitness tracking hardware. Being Amazfit’s wellness and companion app platform, Zepp presents users with more than 150 workout types making sure Amazfit smartwatches are always ready for all kinds of exercises.

Zepp facilitates pre-sets from pool swimming to stretching and traditional cardio machines to esports. Daily running, walking, yoga and indoor cycling come as pre-sets on all Amazfit smartwatches.

In contrast to other health-tracking platforms, Zepp Health provides one of the most unique incentives in the form of PAI or Personal Activity Score. The PAI objective is to gain and maintain at least a 100 PAI score over a week, which motivates users to work out regularly.

Apart from physical activity features, Amazfit smartwatches offer sleep, stress, SpO2, menstrual cycle and temperature tracking on its latest version of the GTR 3 series. With most Amazfit devices, you can track readings whenever you want to check what is going on with your body.

 A Mini Smartphone On Your Wrist

Amazfit smartwatches grant you the best available smartwatch features, ensuring your wrist device can do almost everything as your smartphone does. From integrating your Amazfit GTR 3 Pro smartwatch with home automation devices such as Alexa to accessing the calendar, essential emails and social media notifications with all Amazfit devices, you can quickly answer calls even without your connected smartphone. Besides, most Amazfit smartwatches are decked up with GPS tracking and an SOS feature, which is great during an emergency for summoning help, and your friends and family can track your location without much hassle.

Serves as a Personal Assistant

Another essential aspect of Amazfit smartwatches is that it reminds you of important activities like taking medicines, turning off electronic devices and exercising regularly. All you need to do is use your Amazfit device to set a timer with important tags for specific activities. Take, for example, “take the medicines at 8:00 PM for diabetes” or “turn off the lights before sleeping”, etc.

Incredible Battery Life

Amazfit smartwatches are unrivalled when it comes to battery performance. If you rarely want to spend time charging your smartwatch, buying an Amazfit device can be a great option. The Amazfit Bip and GTR series offer great battery life overall, lasting up to 18 to 30 days. With a smaller screen size compared to your phone, you enjoy a longer battery life and less screen time. Also, Amazfit smartwatches are designed for both nightcrawlers and daytime desk dwellers and manage to perform all functions perfectly without draining much of the battery life.

Wrapping Up

Amazfit smartwatches were designed to replace the traditional movement of wristwatches with technology-packed digital features and make them cost-effective and reliable for users. With a mini computer at your fingertips, Amazfit smartwatches can make your everyday life easier, better, more efficient and healthier. What’s more, you can personalise them to cater to whatever style or mood is a value-added benefit.

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